Get ready for Tuesday nights to start heating up with 100 Days of Summer! The Bravo docu-series, which premieres tonight, follows six members of Chicago’s It Crowd. The 100 Days group attend the hottest parties and events in the Windy City, all while trying to accomplish the lofty goals they’ve set for themselves personally and professionally.

One of the cast members this season is Ray Thomas, a former NFL player with the Chicago Bears who successfully transitioned into a career as a sports talent scout while appearing in numerous commercials and ad campaigns. Speaking exclusively to Hollywood Take, Thomas said his foray into reality television was a natural fit given his background.

"With my background as an athlete and now doing commercials and modeling, I’m used to being in front of the camera and having them follow me around. So it’s not something I think about as much. I’m not really worried about the editing because I was completely honest throughout this process,” he said. “The more you hide, the more what you don’t want people to see comes out. If I had a bad game when I was playing football, I’d look in the paper next day, and there would be people saying plenty of things about me. So it’s not something that bothers me.”

100 Days of Summer 100 Days of Summer promises plenty of fireworks this season on Bravo.

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While Thomas' transition from pro football to the business world may have looked seamless, he admits that all professional athletes struggle during career changes. "You’re out of the marketplace and the business world as a pro athlete for years — and a lot of people find it difficult to move into that mainstream corporate world after. That’s why a lot of us become entrepreneurs or move into broadcasting and hosting, which is something more familiar. It was difficult for me to figure out what that next step was. But I buckled down and focused completely once I realized what it was.”

Thomas' current girlfriend is Hamidah, a former pro-figure skater who he met through his talent agency. She has moved into his home, and he’s optimistic about a future with her. Nevertheless, Thomas still gets plenty of attention from other women.

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“You’re around all types of women at different parties and events, so there’s always a temptation,” he admitted. “But when you find the right person it’s easy to settle down and focus on your career and that one relationship.”

Thomas believes 100 Days of Summer will be a success because of the diverse cast and inspiring stories about “people’s careers [growing] throughout the season." But it’s the things he learned about his personal life through the show that remain the most invaluable to him. "I like relationships, and I like to see them move forward. But I expect a lot, as well, and sometimes that isn’t fair to the other person,” he admitted. “I’m glad I was able to evolve through the show because that’s something I’m always willing to do in my relationships.”

Watch 100 Days of Summer tonight at 10:00/9:00c on Bravo!