Adam Levine insecure? The Maroon 5 singer has opened up about his high school skin troubles and depression from acne. Oh no! Levine, who has become a spokesperson for the skincare brand Proactiv+, has released unseen footage from his tough teenage years.

“I spent a lot of time sulking in my room and being upset,” Levine said in the commercial. "I was depressed. I was not happy. Like I said, high school's hard enough, but having this problem and knowing everyone is looking at you in the halls... nobody had acne like I did." 


"Everyone's insecure to a certain extent," Levine admitted. "I'm not made of steel. Things can bother me about my appearance all the time, and they do." We can’t believe it! One thing that shouldn’t bother Levine any more, however, is his scent. The handsome singer recently created new fragrances for both men and women.

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“[What I've created is] very basic, very classic,” Levine said about his fragrances. “The anti-celebrity fragrance, very simple. I wanted it to look very sophisticated and for it to look like something inoffensive on your counter. It goes along with who I am. I know the thing I am making and putting out there is great."

Levine also said that he thinks each fragrance will smell differently on different people.  “I want[ed] to be involved every step of the way, whether it’s the design of the bottle, the way it smells on a woman ...." Levine said, trailing off.  "You don't want to be overwhelmed or alarmed by a scent. You want it to feel like your own. It feels good to do things in a different way. Because I love it and I'm involved with the process, I think we've created two scents that are bold and unique and that make people feel good about themselves. And that's a good thing."