It seems there is no longer a timetable for how long Amanda Bynes will be staying in a California mental hospital. The actress was involuntarily admitted this past July after trying to set fire to a stranger's driveway. Bynes is currently being treated for schizophrenia, but was originally supposed to be released this week. Reports from earlier this month claim that Bynes could potentially stay in the psych ward for up to another year, and her attorney is now requesting that one of her court cases be delayed by up to 18 months to allow Bynes to receive further treatment. New rumors are surfacing that Bynes’ stay in the psych ward could be indefinite.

Bynes' attorney in her bizarre bong-throwing case, in which the actress allegedly threw a bong from her 36th floor window and later claimed “it was just a vase,” said he still wants to push for a resolution to the case. Since a plea cannot be taken unless Bynes is present, he is hoping for a dismissal either outright or on a conditional basis. A separate attorney in her current drunk-driving case also reported to a judge that Bynes is mentally unfit to stand trial.

Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes arrives at court in NYC, July 2013.

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Meanwhile, Bynes’ mother, Lynn, has reportedly dropped her probate court petition after being placed in charge of her daughter’s mental health conservatorship. Her mother previously needed to get approval from Bynes’ attorney before acting on any decisions regarding her well-being, but her new role means that she can make plans as she sees fit. "(It allows) her to do more, like forced medication on Amanda if need be," a source said.

Unfortunately, Bynes' much-needed treatment could also leave the actress bankrupt. Sources report that Bynes' mandatory psychiatric hold at UCLA Medical Center is costing her $3,500 per day, which covers both treatment and living expenses, and a one-year stay could potentially cost $1,277,500. Although Bynes has insurance through SAG, her policy will only cover a small portion of the cost. The hospital bill could potentially leave the actress bankrupt since she hasn’t worked in over three years and was recklessly spending her fortune before the psychiatric hold.

Amanda Bynes Hospitalized Amanda Bynes, shown here last month in court, finds herself in legal trouble once again.

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The producers in charge of Lindsay Lohan’s reality show comeback for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network reportedly wanted to sign Bynes for a similar show, but it’s unclear when, or if, she will be in a position to accept the offer.