Is Amanda Bynes coming home for the holidays? The troubled actress is reportedly responding well to her schizophrenia treatment and could be released from rehab in December. Bynes was involuntarily committed to the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center last July after setting fire to a driveway, but then moved to a rehab center in Malibu last September. But the Twitter star has reportedly been making progress in rehab and, according to TMZ, could be released into the care of her mother next month.

Sources told TMZ that Bynes has been sufficiently stabilized after doctors figured out an appropriate level of medication and psychological counseling for her. Doctors are also concerned that her stay in rehab could start to become harmful to her treatment because she’s not allowed to go outside due to paparazzi. The facility is reportedly worried that if pictures are taken when Bynes is around other patients, it would compromise the treatment of others at the rehab center.

Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes is currently living with her mother as she receives mental health treatment.

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The good news comes on the heels of reports from just two weeks ago, which stated that Bynes is still currently experiencing breakdowns in rehab. A source told OK! magazine that Bynes “has had some breakdowns, can’t function, can’t watch TV. It’s so sad.” However, her mother, Lynn, claimed earlier this month that the ongoing reports are about her daughter are “99% false” and should not be believed unless they are statements from her family or her lawyer, Tamar Arminak.

However, the majority of the reports about Bynes seem to indicate that leaving the UCLA psych ward for rehab was a positive move. Sources connected to her treatment told TMZ that the Twitter star was “stuck with people in much worse condition than her. She was scared, afraid and did not leave her immediate room area.” Her recovery was also “very slow” and insiders claimed that she could have been held at the facility for up to another 12 months.

Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes arrives at court in NYC, July 2013.

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In addition to being a seemingly more appropriate level of care, her posh Malibu rehab center is also significantly cheaper than the psych ward. A 30-day stay for Bynes at The Canyon is $55,000 per month, which is shockingly still $50,000 less than what UCLA Medical Center was costing. And although Bynes has insurance through SAG, her policy only covers a small portion of the cost. There was concern that her pricey hospital bill could potentially leave the actress bankrupt since she hasn’t worked in over three years and was recklessly spending her fortune before the psychiatric hold.