Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long debuted their new relationship at the premiere of Lovelace, indulging in some adorable PDA for the first time since they began dating.

Seyfried and Long have been inseparable since starting their romance, although they’ve been acquaintances for some time. “Justin is super private about his relationships, [so] I’m not positive how they exactly met, but they’ve known each other for a while, when they were seeing other people,” a source told Us. “They recently started hanging out more, going on date-like activities,” the insider added.

Justin Long Justin Long took to Twitter to praise new girlfriend Amanda Seyfried's performance in Lovelace, sparking the romance.

Long previously dated Drew Barrymore, and is known for keeping his love life out of the spotlight. But, when it came to Seyfried, that didn’t stop him from indulging in some PDA. “Adjectives don’t do justice to Amanda Seyfried’s fearless and transformative [performance] in Lovelace,” Long wrote, praising his new girlfriend before delivering a quick joke. “Though I would’ve been better. Just go see it,” Long added. The He’s Just Not That Into You actor was so impressed by Seyfried’s new movie that he joined her for the premiere, where their relationship was revealed.

Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace Amanda Seyfried said playing Linda Lovelace was liberating, and that she doesn't see the big deal in being nude onscreen.

Seyfried has been particularly busy with Lovelace, a challenge for the actress who starred in tamer films like Mean Girls and Mamma Mia. The role, based on the porn industry, required the blonde bombshell to strip down for the camera. But Seyfried ultimately found it to be a positive experience. “It’s funny, because I felt liberated when I was doing it,” Seyfried said.

“I’m sure people that are very protective of me wouldn’t feel very comfortable with that. But it’s like, what’s the big deal,” Seyfried said. “Growing up, I was made to feel nudity was wrong because everything was always censored in movies and, it was just like, why are we covering ourselves up?”