It wouldn’t be American Horror Story without some shocking and gruesome deaths, would it? And last night during the Coven’s mid-season 3 finale, co-creator Ryan Murphy gave us just that when he offed a handful of the eerie FX show’s cast. So who are fans bidding a tearful adieu to? Let’s just say it was Hank, Luke, and Queenie who got the short end of the broomstick during Episode 9, “Head.”

According to Murphy, “Head” was the co-creator's favorite episode of the year “because I really love the tone of it, the acting in it, the direction of it. I like how everything is really connected to a really bizarre idea.” The strange theme he’s referring to is based around the unfiltered, decapitated head of Madame LaLaurie. Kathy Bates’ character — or should we say just her noggin — is forced to watch Roots in hopes of redeeming herself from a dark past of torture upon her slaves. And while LaLaurie finds the light by the end of Episode 8, it’s Myrtle who slips into the shadows as she pulls the eyeballs out of her fellow council members with a melon baller to give to the blinded Cordelia.

So now that Season 3 of American Horror Story is taking a short hiatus until the New Year, how can we start preparing for what’s to come during the second half of Coven? Grab your spell book and some sage because when Fiona, Zoe and the rest of the witchy gang returns to TV Jan. 8, the stylish cast will be faced with more drama than they ever expected during the airing of Episode 10 “The Magical Charms of Stevie Nicks”.

  1. It’s the season of the Witch Hunters: According to Murphy, when AHS returns from the winter break, the plot of the show will hone in on the storyline of the coven-slaying corporation. Now that Hank’s dead, thanks to a self-sacrificing Queenie, his witch-hating father will try to avenge his death, which only bubbles his pot of hatred even more. “One of the points we’ve been writing to and driving to is that if the voodoos and the Salems would only unite they could probably be unstoppable,” Murphy hinted. “Now they’re up against the biggest enemy, which is The Corporation."
  2. Girl Power: The war between the voodoos and coven might be over, but that’s only because these two groups have found a larger enemy: The Corporation. In order to survive the ladies will have to set aside their differences and work together to avoid the extinction of their clans. “Marie and Fiona must join forces to beat this enemy. They have different ways and approaches about what they think they should do. Selfishly I just wanted to have a lot of scenes with Angela and Jessica together because they’re so great together. So I was like, ‘We gotta get Marie Laveau to move in that house.’” And Murphy’s wish came true when Lavaeu showed up knocking on Fiona’s door.
  1. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust: It seems like no one during Season 3 stays dead for long, which is why we aren’t completely convinced Queenie is good and gone. “Everyone wants to know that, and I’m not saying but we do talk about what happens to her body in episode 10 so keep watching,” Murphy teased. But later on during the AHS co-creator’s interview with Entertainment Weekly he spilled the beans that our beloved voodoo doll isn’t going to stay deceased for too long. When discussing the final four episodes of Coven, Murphy hinted at an evolving friend ship between Queenie and LaLaurie. Despite her hard exterior, Queen is quite the softie as she compassionately saves LaLaurie’s head from being thrown into flames.
  1. Queenie and LaLaurie’s relationship won’t be the only one to thrive during Coven Season 3. Franken-Kyle can now speak — thanks to Fiona. And now he’ll be able to express himself clearly and cohesively when choosing which witch he wants to be with. Will it be Zoe, Madison, or both? We’re not quite sure — but boy we’re happy to hear Evan Peter’s voice again!
  2. To be the supreme, or not the supreme; that is the question! As of now Misty Day is thought to be the future Supreme of the New Orleans’ coven. But like she so bluntly stated, she doesn’t want the title as much as she wants her Stevie Nicks’ CDs broken. So which witch will step up to the cauldron? According to Murphy, the position is wanted by many but that will inevitably going to start a feud in the house. “It’s announced that the Seven Wonders are coming up which is the test you take to become the new Supreme. The friendships become a little more competitive and then hard to maintain for some of them.” Who is Murphy referring to?

Let us know your take in the comments section below about what you think will happen when American Horror Story returns to TV Jan. 8 for the mid-season 3 premiere.