Tell me more, tell me more, Jimmy Fallon, about Amy Adams’ hysterical first on-camera job! On Monday night, Dec. 10, the 39-year-old American Hustle actress made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon where the side-splitting host decided to present Adams with an early “Throw Back Thursday” of her first big break singing.

“I did,” the redheaded star responded. “I was in theatre and my first on—”

“Also, though,” Fallon stuck out his hand, interrupting Adams and catching her a bit off guard, “Before theater  — I don’t know if you mind me saying this — I loved your work from a commercial that we found.” The comedian struck an innocent look at Adams while she tried to figure out what the host was referring to. “You might remember singing — it was like a Grease parody,” Fallon explained.

“Oh my god. That’s my first on-camera job,” Adams said, surprised the former SNL cast member got his hands on her embarrassing advertisement. “I’ve never seen this. I was like twentysomething.” That’s when the over-a-decade old commercial began to roll, showing the Oscar-nominated star’s corny rendition of the world-renowned Grease track “Summer Nights.”

Adams, dressed as a ‘50s-inspired Pink Lady, sang cheesy lyrics about the benefits of opening up a bank account, which included “free checking, with no minimum” and an outdoor camera and receiver TV. After the adorable clip played Adams threw up her hands and cheered while Fallon questioned the bank’s gift choices.

“I haven’t seen that!” the actress said, unable to catch her breath from laughing. “Gosh, I look so young.”

“Oh, you look the same!” Fallon eased the stunning star’s mind.

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