One of the most drawn-out divorces in Hollywood history could finally be over. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher bitterly ended their marriage two years ago, but since then there have been endless arguments over alimony payments. Now a source tells the New York Post that the angry exes have settled their net worth arrangements and “they have finally come to an agreement that was acceptable to all sides.” Issues regarding net worth were a major component to the case, particularly since Moore and Kutcher did not have a prenup, and the actress was making outrageous financial demands. The documents are set to be filed net week.

Without a prenup in place, Moore was entitled to half of Kutcher’s earnings during their six-year marriage. Although she was the clear breadwinner at the beginning of their marriage, Kutcher’s box-office success and investments in technology companies have actually left him with a higher overall net worth. Although Moore earned millions by acting in 10 movies during their marriage and directed two others, her biggest box office successes and $140 million fortune came in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Ex-husband Bruce Willis also wrote her a check for $90 million when they divorced in 2005.

Ashton Kutcher Now that Kutcher has a greater fortune than ex-wife Demi Moore, it's unclear how that will affect their divorce proceedings.

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Moore raised eyebrows last March when court documents revealed that she was seeking spousal support from Kutcher and asking him to pay for repairs on her NYC apartment, despite doing just fine financially on her own. There were also rumors that she was seeking a larger settlement due to Kutcher’s alleged infidelity. He was accused in September 2012 of cheating on Moore with several different women, but none of those rumors could be proven.

She also claimed last May that she is entitled to a percentage of one of Kutcher's investment funds that raked in $100 million. The actor revealed that his A-grade fund for tech start-ups had reached the nine-figure level, but his lawyers reportedly told Moore that he only invested $1 million in the company and that it wasn’t worth much. Moore then demanded half of his 20 percent stake in the company, which amounted to $10 million.

Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher has not responded to Charlie Sheen's Twitter rants.

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According to Forbes magazine, Moore’s net worth could be set to increase substantially because Kutcher is the highest-paid TV actor for the second year in a row. He has received $24 million this past season for his work on Two and a Half Men, and was paid another $24 million the previous season, bringing his net worth up to $164 million.