OK. Bachelor fans. It's time to dish on Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley. It's clear these two Season 18 contestants hate one another. But who wins the final rose?

This week in Miami, Juan Pablo brought the final six sexy contestants to his hometown — and one lucky girl got to meet his daughter, Camila, his parents and ex (yes we said ex). Tensions were running high and, like last week, Nikki and Clare were glaring at one another. Everyone was praying for the first one-on-one date. Nikki didn't get the first date, but she sure got the best one.

When Juan Pablo picks Nikki up he brings her to a local florist. As always, Nikki looks incredibly confused. They sit on a bench, and Juan Pablo looks nervous. He slowly explains that the reason they're in the flower shop is they need to get a bouquet for Camila because they're going to go to her dance recital.

Nikki looked shocked. So were we. Isn't this breaking some sort of Bachelor protocol to introduce your daughter when there are six contestants left?

Nikki was also going to meet Juan Pablo's parents and Camila's mother! That is serious pressure. All we could think was: "Oh no, Nikki. Go home and change. That is a horrible outfit!" Too late. They were on their way to meet Camila and his parents.

Nikki Ferrell Nikki Ferrell was the first 'Bachelor' contestant to meet Juan Pablo's family, and she nailed the introduction like a pro.

Nikki usually seems pretty calm, but going into the dance recital she looked like a deer caught in headlights. Wouldn't you be? She was given no notice, and she wasn't even wearing a good outfit. 

But Nikki pulled herself together, flashed a huge smile at everyone and suddenly felt calmer when Camila took the dance floor. There's no question that Camila is adorable, and Juan Pablo was beaming. Nikki's feelings started to get stronger as she saw Juan Pablo's bond with his daughter. And we can't blame her. They were adorable together.

Later on that evening, the date only got better. Juan Pablo drove Nikki right into the Marlins stadium, which he called "his office." This time Nikki was wearing a killer outfit — a sexy backless top and thigh-high mini. Nikki, you chose the perfect outfit.

They laid down on a blanket on the grass and talked about the dance recital. Nikki asked Juan Pablo how a woman would fit into his life, especially with Camila's mother, Carla. Nikki wanted to know if Carla was OK with this whole process. And we would want to know the same thing. Juan Pablo reassured her and they snuggled and kissed.

Sharleen on 'The Bachelor' Sharleen broke Juan Pablo's heart on last week's Bachelor (Photo: ABC).

Nikki wasn't the first one to get a one-on-one date, though. It was the German opera singer Sharleen.

We have to be honest, Juan Pablo. We've never been a fan of Sharleen. Though she has long locks and a huge smile, she always acts like she's above it all. She questioned The Bachelor process every step of the way. So we can't say we're surprised she was unsure about her one-on-one date.

Clare was outraged that Sharleen wasn't excited enough. "Just be thankful, be grateful," Clare said. "Why is she even here?" 

Sharleen and Juan Pablo go on a yacht and laid down looking at the view. Sharleen admitted that there was crazy chemistry, but she feared there was nothing more.

Though Sharleen may not think Juan Pablo is intellectual enough for her — or that their relationship is cerebral — she's always been happy to kiss him. And kiss him again.

Sharleen of 'The Bachelor' From the start, Juan Pablo was drawn to Sharleen because he felt she was more worldly and sophisticated.

As Juan Pablo asked her questions about meeting her family on the hometown date, and whether she would give up her opera career, she remained vague. But Bachelor viewers knew what Juan Pablo didn't. She would soon be gone.

Sharleen looked exquisite in a second-skin, cutout dress that night. Now some sites are predicting she could be the next Bachelorette. We pray that's not true. She's so boring!

We have to say, though, Sharleen was very valiant. She truly felt guilty about taking a woman's spot who really wanted to be there. So she decided to break up with Juan Pablo.

Juan Pablo was really sweet about the whole thing. We're guessing he knew before their talk. You know, sexy soccer players have a sixth sense about these things.

The group date was the most awkward date of the night. The way it was structured Juan Pablo was going to give Clare, Chelsie, Renee or Andi a rose and that contestant would get an evening one-on-one date. Talk about pressure!

Renee Oteri of 'The Bachelor' Renee and Cassandra related to one another because they both have young sons at home.

Each contestant's personality was true to form. Clare was arrogant, assuming she'd get the rose. Chelsie talked way too much, and we knew that would not end well. Renee was her steady self, calm and composed. Full disclosure: We love Renee.

Andi was able to lure Juan Pablo to the beach instead of the bench. Getting him on the sand seemed to be the way to go. She was nervous, and he calmed her down, as always. Andi was the lucky girl to get the rose and one-on-one date in South Beach. And that night she was red hot in a skintight mini.

Andi and Juan Pablo went dancing, and JP definitely knew how to move. But Andi was a bit embarrassed. Despite her killer legs and winning smile, this beautiful brunette was not great on the dance floor. Who cares. She's won us over!

Andi Dorfman of 'The Bachelor' Andi Dorfman finally had her one-on-one date with Juan Pablo this week on The Bachelor, and the kiss under the waterfalls was well worth waiting for.

The problem was Chelsie, Renee and Clare were sent home, while Andi and Juan Pablo went out. The three girls were MISERABLE. They all looked like they were going to cry, and the only way Clare consoled herself was by telling Nikki, Chelsie and Renee that he only chose Nikki to reassure her.

Nikki is friends with Andi — and as we know from previous episodes — hates Clare, so she was offended by the comment. She immediately got up from her chair, telling Clare "that's so stupid. Then she strutted up the stairs. 

Clare Crawley of 'The Bachelor' Clare and Juan Pablo found themselves answering uncomfortable questions after last week's episode when they hooked up at 4:00 a.m. in the ocean.

Clare then says in an interview that Nikki always gets away with "being a b****" and goes to confront her upstairs in Nikki's room. Clare accused Nikki of only caring about herself, and Nikki told Clare she doesn't care about her, and not everything is about Clare.

Furious and fighting, Nikki compared Clare to a dog when speaking to the camera. Neither blonde was sweet. But we like Nikki better than Clare, mostly because Clare is way too manipulative. And we didn't approve of her hooking up with him to the ocean at 4:00 a.m.

Nikki tried to throw Clare out of her room, but Clare insisted she didn't pay for the room so it's a communal suite. This is where the fighting took a turn for the ridiculous. Clare did not want to leave, and Nikki continued to stay put, sitting on the bed. Can you say awkward?

Chelsie Webster on 'The Bachelor' Chelsie was sweet and bubbly, but her youthful charm wasn't enough to win over Juan Pablo.

When Chelsie, Nikki, Clare, Renee and Andi finally arrive at the cocktail party, Nikki and Clare aren't speaking. Apparently they're also trying to get girls to take sides. Chelsie took Clare's side. Andi took Nikki's side. And, true to form, Renee seemed neutral. But it was a weird cocktail party.

We finally got to the rose ceremony, and we knew the outcome before Juan Pablo said a word. Chelsie went home, of course. She hasn't had a one-on-one date in weeks. She's way too young, way too talkative and hadn't kissed Juan Pablo enough.

On to the women's hometown dates! Are you ready?