The Bachelor's final rose has already been handed to Nikki Ferrell, as far as Juan Pablo fans are concerned. But Season 18 is far from over. We need to get through hometown dates, fantasy suites and lots of drama.

This week's Bachelor hometown dates and fantasy suites are anything but calm despite Juan Pablo's nothing-can-bother-me demeanor. Clare's family isn't very sweet. Renee wants Juan Pablo to meet her son, Ben. And Nikki asks the soccer hottie to run a mechanical bull.


Clare Crawley of 'The Bachelor' Clare and Juan Pablo found themselves answering uncomfortable questions after last week's episode when they hooked up at 4:00 a.m. in the ocean.

Last week, we saw Clare throw a fit when she wasn't chosen for either one-on-one date. She was especially upset when Andi got the dancing date in South Beach after Clare opened up about her late father.

Later, as Andi and Juan Pablo cozied up on the dance floor, Clare felt sorry for herself back at home. Eventually, her arch enemy Nikki got the best of her, and they ended up in a huge fight.

UPDATE: 'Bachelor' Hometown Dates Get Crazy And Humiliating!

Nikki tried to throw Clare out of her room, but Clare insisted she didn't pay for the room so it's a communal suite. The fighting then took a turn for the ridiculous. Clare didn't want to leave, and Nikki continued to stay put, sitting on the bed. Clare called Nikki a b-tch, and Nikki called Clare a dog. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

It's been clear Juan Pablo is very attracted to Clare, but we hear the scorching attraction isn't enough to overshadow extremely awkward moments with Clare's family in her hometown Sacramento, Calif. Her sister is not on Clare's side, and things do not go down well.


Nikki Ferrell Nikki Ferrell was the first 'Bachelor' contestant to meet Juan Pablo's family, and she nailed the introduction like a pro.

After Nikki met Juan Pablo's parents, daughter, Camila, and his ex, Carla, it became clear she was probably getting to the last episode. But is she the winner of Season 18?

When the bachelor and Nikki went to Camila's dance recital, the entire family was beaming. Juan Pablo was no exception. Later on that evening, Juan Pablo drove Nikki right into the Marlins stadium. They laid down on a blanket on the grass and talked about the dance recital. Nikki was a little nervous about how she would fit into life with Juan Pablo's ex. But the sexy dad reassured her and they snuggled.

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We hear the hometown date in Kansas City, Miss. is no different. Unlike Andi and Clare's family, Nikki's relatives embrace Juan Pablo. And she even gets him to ride a mechanical bull! This beautiful blonde sounds like a keeper.


Andi Dorfman of 'The Bachelor' Andi Dorfman finally had her one-on-one date with Juan Pablo this week on The Bachelor, and the kiss under the waterfalls was well worth waiting for.

Things could not have gone better for Andi last week. Chosen for a one-on-one date after spending time in the sand with Juan Pablo, Andi looked red hot in a second-skin mini when they took their chemistry to the dance floor in South Beach.

But, we're sorry to say, the assistant district attorney from Atlanta has a tough hometown date and a horrible Fantasy Suite night. First off, Andi's dad is a tough cookie. And he's having trouble accepting that his brilliant daughter would actually marry a man she met on television. We hear he also isn't thrilled that Juan Pablo is dating multiple women. 

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Andi's father's complaining is the least of her problems, though. It turns out her Fantasy Suite date takes a turn for the terrible when Juan Pablo starts dishing that he slept with another woman in the Fantasy Suite. We're not sure if Juan Pablo's objective was prove to Andi that "it's no big deal" to get cozy under the covers, but whatever the goal Andi was horrified.

Word is the beautiful brunette dumps Juan Pablo after that evening, which would be DUMPING DISASTER #2 for Juan Pablo after Sharleen chose to exit last week. 


Renee Oteri of 'The Bachelor' Renee and Cassandra related to one another because they both have young sons at home.

We have to be honest. We've been pulling for Renee all along. She's sweet. She doesn't get involved in drama. And she has an adorable son named Ben. But we've worried that Renee and Juan Pablo's physical relationship hasn't progressed as quickly as it has with the other girls.

For some reason, Juan Pablo keeps holding back with Renee. Our take? Juan Pablo likes bad girls, which is why Nikki and Clare have been winning week after week.

With her gorgeous eyes and upbeat personality, she got to the final four. So she gets to bring Juan Pablo home to Sarasota, Fla.  They hang out with Renee's mom and her 8-year-old son, Ben. They even go to Ben's Little League Game. It all seems super sweet, right? Too sweet. Word is Renee is out this week. Big frown face.

So are Nikki and Clare upset about all the drama this week? We hear Clare is a mess and Nikki is over the moon. Stay tuned!