We just watched Juan Pablo Galavis give his final rose to Nikki Ferrell on last night’s The Bachelor finale. But could their relationship already be heading for a breakup? Sources told Radar Online on Tuesday that Juan Pablo would not even spend the night with his new girlfriend following the “After The Final Rose” special.

“They both went back to the same hotel, but had separate rooms,” a production insider said. “Nikki wanted to spend the night with him, but he chose not to.”

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Clare Crawley on 'The Bachelor' Finale Clare Crawley looked gorgeous as she approached the final rose ceremony. But her heart would soon be broken. Juan Pablo Galavis told her he had to say goodbye.

And it’s not as if Juan Pablo and Nikki were communicating a lot before the Bachelor Season 18 finale. Another source claimed Nikki always tried to call her new boyfriend, but he would never answer.

“[Juan Pablo’s phone] would always go to his voicemail,” the source said. “Her messages would also often go unanswered. When Juan Pablo did eventually respond to her, it would be with one word texts which said, ‘busy,’ ‘can’t talk,’ and ‘call later.’”

Nikki Ferrell and Chris Harrison on 'The Bachelor' Nikki Ferrell looked exquisite - and very nervous - as she approached Juan Pablo for the final rose ceremony on Season 18 of 'The Bachelor'.

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Watch Juan Pablo give Nikki his last rose on The Bachelor Season 18 finale.

Even before this report came out, a Juan Pablo/Nikki breakup looked imminent. After all, the two did not exactly look like a happy couple on Monday’s “After The Final Rose” special. Juan Pablo would not even tell Nikki he loved her, much to Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s chagrin. While we understand not wanting to say these words after just a few months of dating, a lot of his behavior in the finale seemed sketchy.

Watch Juan Pablo refuse to admit that he loves Nikki.

First, Juan Pablo revealed that his plans with Nikki changed just a few weeks before the Bachelor Season 18 finale. According to E! Online, the two were planning on living in Los Angeles because Juan Pablo was expected to be a cast member on Dancing With The Stars. But the former soccer star’s recent controversial remarks made him too risky for the show’s producers. So now that there is no reason for Juan Pablo and Nikki to stay in LA, the two might not even be living together. If they don’t move in with each other soon, a breakup would seem imminent.

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Then, there is the fact that Juan Pablo reportedly pulled out of a planned proposal to Nikki. E! News also reported that Juan Pablo told Bachelor Season 18 producers that he might get down on one knee during the “After The Final Rose” special. While it doesn’t sound like Juan Pablo seriously considered this possibility, the fact that he seems wary of commitment with Nikki is not a good sign for the couple’s future. In fact, one source who works on The Bachelor thinks Juan Pablo and Nikki will break up within a few weeks.

Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley on the Season 18 'Bachelor' Finale Clare Crawley quickly walked away after being dumped, saying she would never want her children to have a father like Juan Pablo.

“I would give it less than a month,” the source said.

If Juan Pablo and Nikki did break up after the Bachelor finale,  they would just be the latest couple in the franchise to split before making it down the aisle. Per E! Online, most of the couples that got engaged on the series broke it off before getting married. And the track record is even worse for couples that decided to date but not get engaged at the finale. In fact, as of now Sean Lowe is the only Bachelor star who tied the knot with his chosen bachelorette. Between this poor track record and Juan Pablo’s odd behavior at the Bachelor finale, it should be only a matter of time before the couple breaks up for good.