The Bachelor is getting harder and harder to watch each week now that Juan Pablo has narrowed the playing field down to six contestants. The gorgeous soccer player definitely has a thing for blondes, because Clare, Nikki and Renee have clearly captured his attention. Clare, in particular.

Kat Hurd and Cassandra Ferguson were both sent packing this week after The Bachelor contestants visited New Zealand. But not before tons of toe-tapping and tension. Cassandra and Andi were both praying for the one-on-one date. But it was Andi, the 26-year-old assistant district attorney from Georgia, who got to make a splash under the waterfall.

Andi was the only contestant left who hadn't gotten a one-on-one date. And the smart, vivacious brunette was starting to worry. We were, too, because we have a soft spot in our hearts for intellectual beauties. 

Andi Dorfman of 'The Bachelor' Andi Dorfman finally had her one-on-one date with Juan Pablo this week on The Bachelor, and the kiss under the waterfalls was well worth waiting for.

Not to fear. Juan Pablo and Andi got on a small boat that took them to deserted caves. They swam through breathtaking narrow channels to finally arrive at an exquisite waterfall. Andi could not have been more relieved. The water was cold and she wanted some romantic time with the gorgeous bachelor. She got it.

Under the waterfall, Juan Pablo and Andi made out as they both got soaking wet. She was in heaven, and Juan Pablo seemed to be pretty smitten, too. Their dinner at the geyser didn't go quite as smoothly. The geyser started erupting and they couldn't eat at the table. But it didn't matter. They walked to a dry spot and started kissing again. Juan Pablo may gravitate toward blondes, but this brunette has won his heart.

Bachelor fans were a little shocked and kind of upset that Clare got the second one-on-one date. Hollywood Take was, too. The 32-year-old hairstylist with a flirtatious personality is monopolizing a lot of Juan Pablo's time, and she seems to be using her body to get what she wants.

Juan Pablo and Clare found themselves fielding difficult questions after they hooked up at 4:00 a.m. in the ocean during last week's episode of The Bachelor. It was unclear how far they went in the ocean that night, but most fans are betting all the way. "I don't think that it was made clear by anybody that that's not what happened," told reporters. "That was not my intention going into it. I just wanted to swim in the ocean and check that off my bucket list. I never in my mind was thinking, "This is going to be something raunchy." 

Nevertheless, Juan Pablo told Clare that he regretted spending time with her in the ocean that night. He explained he has to set a good example for his daughter, Camila, and that they shouldn't have gone as far as they did.

Clare Crawley of 'The Bachelor' Clare and Juan Pablo found themselves answering uncomfortable questions after last week's episode when they hooked up at 4:00 a.m. in the ocean.

Clare was horrified. "We did nothing wrong," she told the press. "Like I said in that episode, why didn't you tell me then? Why didn't you stop me then? You're a grown man, I'm a grown woman and I can handle the truth."

Juan Pablo pretty much blamed Clare last week, and she was left crying. Fans who are rooting for other blondes like Renee and Nikki were hoping that would be the end of Clare. Boy were they wrong. On this week's Bachelor Juan Pablo was falling all over himself trying to explain why he told Clare it was a mistake.

As they laid together on the beach, it was clear that Juan Pablo just wanted to kiss Clare. He was trying to find the words to make it all OK. As always, Juan Pablo was incredibly charming. And Clare was head over heels all over again. The date ended with lots of kissing and a rose. So, like Andi, Clare was safe from elimination.

The rest of the girls were starting to get nervous. The two moms — Renee and Cassandra — talked about the fact that they admire Juan Pablo for being such a great dad. They admitted it was hard to leave their sons at home. But they both agreed it was for a good cause.

After they talked, Cassandra, felt much better. It was going to be her 22nd birthday on the group date, and she started to feel more hopeful. The former NBC dancer could not have been sweeter. And most viewers agree she was one of the prettiest Bachelor contestants this season.

Cassandra of 'The Bachelor' It was Cassandra's 22nd birthday the day Juan Pablo sent her home.

But something wasn't clicking between Cassandra and Juan Pablo. He was the first one to say she's gorgeous and funny. But they didn't have the same chemistry as the others. So Juan Pablo decided to send the single mom home to her son — two days before the rose ceremony!

Now Renee was starting to get nervous. Was it because she was a mom? Juan Pablo took Renee aside to talk to her. He said he knew she would get worried, but she shouldn't. As he has before, he told viewers how much he loves her eyes. Their chemistry isn't as intense as it is with Clare, Nikki and Andi. But there's no question Juan Pablo has feelings for Renee.

Renee Oteri of 'The Bachelor' Renee and Cassandra related to one another because they both have young sons at home.

The most perplexing contestant of the group continues to be Sharleen. Though Juan Pablo has consistently felt the opera singer who lives in Germany is a cut above the rest, she second-guesses herself and The Bachelor process every step of the way.

At the beginning it seemed like Sharleen wasn't sure about her chemistry with Juan Pablo. Now it seems that she's uncomfortable being on a reality show and questions whether the soccer player's personality is the right fit for her. Though Sharleen got a rose early on in the episode, she's starting to feel guilty about taking the spot of Bachelor contestants who really want to be there. In scenes from next week, she said she might have to break Juan Pablo's heart and leave the show early. Stay tuned.

Sharleen of 'The Bachelor' From the start, Juan Pablo was drawn to Sharleen because he felt she was more worldly and sophisticated.

In the end, it was Kat who was sent home packing in the rose ceremony. We felt bad for her after she poured her heart out to Juan Pablo about her alcoholic father. But it was clear that their relationship had not progressed at the same pace as the others. Sorry, Kat!

Nikki and Juan Pablo on 'The Bachelor' Sorry, Clare! We hear Nikki may be getting the final rose.

So What Happens Next? Warning: Spoilers Ahead

We adore Renee. And we hear she makes it to the coveted hometown date episode. She even brings Juan Pablo to Ben's little league game. But the word is she doesn't get the final rose.

We also love Andi. She's smart and sweet. But we hear that after she gets to the final three she has a mental breakdown. And — ready, girls? — breaks up with Juan Pablo.

We do NOT like Clare. She's monopolized and manipulated. And that's considered a no-no in Bachelor reality. But the word is she gets really far. Could she win?

We're on the fence about Nikki. She's less manipulative than Clare and seems a lot smarter. She is a pediatric nurse, after all. 

We've felt like something isn't quite right with Nikki. But apparently Juan Pablo doesn't see it. Rumor has it that Nikki gets the final rose.

Want to see the moment Nikki and Juan Pablo first met on The Bachelor? Check out this scene from the first episode below: