Sure, Jenniffer Hardwick won the Bad Girls All-Star Battle recently. But don't let her $100,000 grand prize fool you. The former cast member on Bad Girls Club: Atlanta is changing her ways, she tells Hollywood Take. She's pregnant with her first child, launching her own clothing line, and moving back to Dallas from California.

Oh, and you know all that partying the girls are known for? Hardwick had no interest in it this season. 

"When I saw the girls were getting drunk this season, I was like, ‘I got to be sober,’" Hardwick told HT. “When you’re an athlete, you don’t pick up cigarettes or alcohol on game day because of what it does to your body. I just had to look at things from an athletic point of view. But it was tough because, at the same time, my anger is shielded by alcohol. So I had to just try and figure out how to win this.”

Nevertheless, the bad-girl temper we saw on Season 10 still did surface. Hardwick's ongoing verbal spats with Flo provided some of the most dramatic moments of the season, even forcing a security guard to step in on more than one occasion.


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“I completely dreaded seeing Flo [at the reunion],” Hardwick confessed. "I was excited to reveal the win and see the other girls, but that was the one thing I was not looking forward to. I knew she wasn’t gonna let me enjoy the win and have my moment, and you just never know what’s going to come out of her mouth." 

But that's all behind Hardwick now. Instead, she wants to focus on her career and see how far the $100,000 will take her. Her first order of business? A clothing line for adults and kids.

Jenn 1 Jenniffer Hardwick accepting her $100,000 winner's check

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“Especially now that I’m about to be a mom, I’m putting business first,” Hardwick said. “You don’t want to be the person who won all of this money and then you’re MC Hammer broke, so it’s mainly going toward business and family.”

One person who may be able to help her on the business front is this season’s host, Ray J. And Jenn Hardwick had nothing but good things to say about the often-controversial singer. Despite his womanizing reputation, he was ultra-professional in the house, she told HT. “He just reminded me of Benjamin Button because he never grew up!” Hardwick dished. “We were all wearing tight shirts and short-shorts in the house. So he had plenty of jokes about that. He was really fun to film with.” 

Tune in Tuesday, July 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen to catch part two of the Bad Girls All Star Battle reunion!