Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer's friendship was tested this week on RHONY. They got into a huge fight on this week's Real Housewives Of New York when Ramona brought up a sex scene Bethenny filmed years ago. Of course, LuAnn de Lesseps was on Ramona's side.

This week's episode had the Housewives heading to the Hamptons. And there was tension between Bethenny and Ramona from the start. Ramona flew in for dinner after visiting her daughter at school. And she showed off some cute pictures with Avery. But Ramona got offended when Bethenny didn't immediately say Ramona looked beautiful in the photos.


Then, during dinner, Ramona brought up how some things from Bethenny's past has come back. In October, a video surfaced of a sex scene Bethenny filmed during the 1990s, when she was trying to make it as an actress. Ramona recalled how some kids at Avery's school had shown her nude photos of her mother that had spread online. So Ramona wondered if Bethenny's 6-year-old daughter Bryn had a similar experience.

Watch Ramona bring up Bethenny's scandalous past on RHONY:

"I can't believe my ears," Dorinda Medley told the camera. "Ramona didn't even give us time to finish the drink. I mean, she just went right here. I couldn't believe it was coming out." 

But Bethenny was shocked that Ramona brought this up. She mocked Ramona for thinking elementary school students would talk about a parent's sex scene. Ramona maintained she was just taking an interest in Bethenny's life. 


Bethenny insisted that she had no issue with discussing the sex scene. It was just the way Ramona brought up Bryn that was so offensive.

"Something stupid like that, I had no idea that anyone would even bring it up, nor would I have cared," Bethenny told the camera. "If someone said, 'What about that movie with your boobs hanging out?' I would have laughed, I would have joked about it. I would have made a bunch of self-deprecating jokes. Ramona attempting to embarrass me through my daughter, who is in first grade, is even low for Ramona, which is a new low. Because 'Ramona low' is low already."

Bethenny And Ramona Fight Bethenny felt Ramona crossed a line by bringing up Bryn when discussing her sex scene.

Bethenny then told Ramona that she didn’t regret doing the film. She needed money and wanted to be an actress. "I know it's cute that you tried to be tricky just now," Bethenny said.

But Ramona got upset that Bethenny was acting so "defensive." Ramona felt she should be able to say whatever she thinks without getting attacked. So she started having a conversation with LuAnn, who was sitting next to her.


"I think Bethenny's upset with me," Ramona told LuAnn. "All I do is ask an innocent question, which is out there anyway so all I'm saying was having a discussion and she gets all, like, testy."

Bethenny could hear this entire conversation, and at first she sat back and watched. But eventually, she asked why they were talking about her right in front of her.  She thought that was really rude.

Watch Bethenny confront Ramona and LuAnn about their conversation.

Ramona made a face at Bethenny, who said she looked like she's dressed up for Halloween. Ramona replied that says she's "pissed" about Bethenny's "unacceptable" attitude.

Ramona added to the camera, "Good friends should be able to ask each other questions without it going where Bethenny is trying to take it. I'm not bringing this out of the blue; this was just in the papers."

Then Carole Radziwill got involved. She told Ramona that it should be obvious why Bethenny was ignoring her. Ramona countered that Carole doesn't have a daughter so she doesn't understand the point Ramona was trying to make. Carole then told the camera that Ramona reminds her of Donald Trump because she "sticks her foot in her mouth."

Meanwhile, Ramona and Bethenny's battle continued. Ramona thought it was ironic that Bethenny always says she's "real" but won't talk about her personal life. Ramona even said that Bethenny can be "stupid" sometimes. "You may be good at business, but you're not really good at interacting with people," Ramona claimed.

Bethenny vs LuAnn RHONY Reunion LuAnn felt Bethenny acted "wicked" toward her at the Mad Hatter party.

LuAnn added, "You've said obnoxious things about all of us. And so, it's annoying. That is annoying. So she does have a point."

Bethenny then claimed she doesn't care what LuAnn thinks about her. But the countess said that's the whole issue. "It's true," LuAnn told the camera. "She doesn't care about us. Not once does she ask, 'How are the wedding plans going?' Not once. It's always about Bethenny."

Bethenny admitted that she and LuAnn don't work well together, so they should just try to be cordial. LuAnn countered that she tried to compliment Bethenny at the Mad Hatter party last week, but Bethenny was "wicked" with the way she responded. Ramona also felt that Bethenny was rude to Tinsley Mortimer by not talking to her more at the party. Ramona even called Bethenny a "witch."

That was the last straw for Bethenny. She got up and left. On her way out, she joked that Ramona and LuAnn should write an etiquette book together. Ramona countered that Bethenny needs the crash course in etiquette. And LuAnn noted that Bethenny always walks out during these big dinner fights instead of acting like an adult and sticking around.

Spoilers say that Ramona and Bethenny's fight will get worse throughout the RHONY season. And Bethenny hinted that the friendship is over.

Watch Bethenny discuss why she's so mad at Ramona during next week's RHONY:

"Ramona pretends to have a friendship with me," Bethenny told the camera. "This was bad. There will be no 'I adore you' apology. I don't want to hear it."

The next morning, Ramona brought up the fight during a luncheon with Dorinda and LuAnn. And Ramona continued to defend her behavior. She said Bethenny could have just replied that none of Bryn's friends had seen the sex scene, and that would have been the end of it. The three women agreed that Bethenny claims she's real but doesn't like it when people point out her flaws.

Bethenny, meanwhile, told the camera that bringing up Bryn in regards to the sex scene was "disgusting." So she was glad she now had a reason not to go to Ramona's house for her dinner party.

There were a few other storylines on this week's RHONY. Sonja Morgan and Dorinda also continued to feud after the Berkshires drama last season. Before the trip, each promised to be cordial. But there were clearly still some lingering feelings. Dorinda even claimed Sonja was lying about being sober. And Dorinda claimed Sonja was just jealous of her.

Dorinda Medley John Madhessian Dorinda Medley alleged that Sonja Morgan wrote disparaging thing about her relationship with John Mahdessian.

"I think she's jealous that I'm content and that I'm able to sustain a relationship and have that consistency just across the board in my life," Dorinda told LuAnn. "I think Sonja colors her world with chaos."

Then, later in the episode, Dorinda claimed that Sonja posted disparaging comments about her and LuAnn in a Facebook group. Sonja allegedly said Dorinda was a "liar" and claimed LuAnn's wedding would be "tacky." 

"I've had it now," Dorinda told the camera. "I'm done. Not only am I going to see her tonight, it's not going to be pretty. I don't want to ruin Ramona's party, but I don't know if I can help myself."

Sonja, meanwhile, filled Tinsley in about the Berkshire drama last season. And despite the alleged Facebook post, Sonja insisted she had moved on and was ready to make peace with Dorinda.

Dorinda Ramona And Sonja RHONY Sonja wanted to make peace with Dorinda on 'RHONY,' but Dorinda had other ideas.

At Ramona's party, Dorinda got more dirt on Sonja from her mysterious mole. And Dorinda told Carole about what Sonja supposedly said, as well. Dorinda was vague about where the information was coming from, but she did say he was a friend of her late husband's.  The episode ended with Sonja arriving at the bash, and Sonja preparing to go on the attack.

Finally, Carole continued stressing about the Presidential election. It was just a few days away, and the polls were close. So Bethenny took her to get acupuncture to calm her nerves.

Carole also revealed she was having a party the night of the election. She said it was bipartisan, but Ramona wasn't invited. Carole said it was because Ramona didn't seem comfortable talking about the election. But Bethenny thought Carole didn’t want anyone uninformed at the party. Ramona, however, maintained that she read as much about the election as Carole did. She just interpreted the news differently.

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