Bethenny Frankel is claiming that the lavish lifestyle of Teresa Giudice and several other Real Housewives may not be accurate. The former Real Housewives star and talk-show host said that Bravo intentionally hires personalities who live lifestyles like the rich and famous, but may be tapping out credit cards to make that happen. Frankel said that while Giudice and other Real Housewives may not be broke, they are “all show and no go” in terms of their net worth.

Speaking to 95.5 PLJ Radio, Frankel said that “probably like 75 percent” of the Real Housewives cast members are living beyond their means. "Bravo likes to cast someone that lives a larger than life life and that people look at and think, 'They’re so wealthy,' and want that and think it’s aspirational,” Frankel explained. “I find it interesting [that] the people that are in trouble are...attracted to fame and TV, like moths to a flame.”

Bethenny Frankel Bethenny Frankel at the Daytime Emmy Awards, September 2012 (Credit: Reuters)

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Frankel also admitted to being one of those reality stars who wasn’t particularly wealthy when cameras first started rolling. She lived in a nice Upper East Side apartment, but was still getting her nutrition business off the ground and had not yet made her first million. Despite reports that Frankel sold her Skinnygirl cocktail line for $30 million, the talk show host said “it isn’t as much as people think.”

However, Frankel does have a point that many of the Real Housewives stars live beyond their means. Countess LuAnn was exposed for not even owning her NYC apartment, while Lydia McLaughlin was caught moving homes for the Real Housewives of Orange County. Nine of the reality stars from different seasons have suffered bankruptcy, foreclosure or eviction, while four more Housewives are currently facing alleged bankruptcy. Of course, Giudice, who faces 39 fraud charges that include lying on bankruptcy, loan and mortgage documents, is the most recent to land in hot water.

Joe and Teresa Giudice Joe and Teresa Giudice in court in New Jersey.

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This isn’t the first time that Frankel has taken a swipe at Giudice, however. When asked about Giudice’s fraud indictment, the talk show host said she doesn’t feel sorry for her fellow reality star. “You broke the law and you went on television. That’s not really that smart,” Frankel said. “I feel badly for them because they have kids, and their kids didn’t sign up for this.”