Bill Nye is best known as the Science Guy, but he could soon be known as the dancing guy! The TV host was one of the more popular contestants going into this season of Dancing with the Stars, and his stock continues to rise despite some lackluster skills on the dance floor. Nye was given the lowest score on the Season 17 premiere of the show, but survived elimination last night and broke a YouTube record in the process!

Nye’s season premiere dance has been viewed by more than three million people, making it the most watched performance in Dancing with the Stars history. "I don't think he's going anywhere," DWTS host and former champion Brooke Burke-Charvet told USA Today. “His dance went viral. It’s so huge. I am in awe of him. He probably thinks he’s going home, but I don’t think so.”

Bill Nye Bill Nye's dance from the season premiere has racked up over 3.2 million views on YouTube

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The judges on Dancing with the Stars may not be too happy about that, though. Len Goodman slammed Nye’s dancing on opening night, telling the Science Guy “it was like being waxed — painful when it happened but lovely when it was over.” Bruno Tomioli flatly told him that he “will have to regroup.” Despite the harsh critiques, Nye received a standing ovation when the performance was over and clearly won new fans.

And it seems that Nye is starting to show signs of progress, with his dance last night earning him a 17 out of 30 score. But despite his creative and energetic dance in which the Science Guy dressed as Beethoven, Nye was still criticized heavily for his footwork and finished in last place once again. While fans can keep Nye around for another week, it’s highly uncommon for unskilled dancers, regardless of their popularity, to make it far in the competition.


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It will also be interesting to see if Nye will take the constructive criticism about his dancing personally. After the season premiere, he called the judges’ comments “harsh” and said he went swing dancing the next day “to remind myself that dancing is fun.”

The next Dancing with the Stars elimination will take place on Monday night.