Are the Blake Lively pregnancy rumors true or false? Reports spread like wild fire that Ryan Reynolds’ wife was with child after the Gossip Girl star reportedly said no to champagne at a movie premiere. A source confirmed that Lively has been abstaining from alcohol recently. "For the last couple weeks, it’s only been water," a Lively insider revealed.

While supporting husband Reynolds at his Zurbo premiere, Lively was apparently sporting a fuller stomach. "She was rocking a little paunch, maybe the tiniest of baby bumps. It's pretty obvious Blake is expecting a baby. We’re convinced she’s just waiting to pass the first trimester before she makes an official announcement. Blake’s usually a size two or four and loves to show off her body in fitted clothes, but now she is going for looser, more draped fits," the source said.

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Despite the pregnancy rumors, Lively’s rep has slammed the idea of the starlet being pregnant. “The story is 100% false. Blake is not pregnant,” Lively’s rep told the Daily Mail. Nonetheless, Reynolds' recent words enforce the rumors. "We'd love to have a big family," Reynolds admitted recently. "We both come from big families, my parents did four, Blake's did five. A lot of people say it's crazy, but we'll only know when we're there, you know? We'll walk through that fire pretty happily, I think."

Blake lively concert Blake Lively at June's 'Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live' Concert.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married in September 2012. Reynolds was previously married to Scarlett Johansson, while Lively dated Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley for many years. "I'm terrified that I'm genetically predisposed to only having boys. That's frightening," Reynolds also admitted. "By the time I was 10 years old, and I'm not exaggerating, I knew how to patch drywall. There's nothing my brothers and I didn't put a hole in. We turned our home into a Wiffle house. That's something I'm not looking forward to."

blake lively met Blake Lively at May's Met Gala in NYC.