Get ready for blood, sweat and heels! The network that brought you shows about chefs, housewives and real estate is ready to introduce you to New York business professionals in Blood, Sweat and Heels. The Bravo show follows six NYC ladies who are trying to climb their way to the top of the corporate ladder in the city that never sleeps.

So what differentiates Blood, Sweat and Heels from other Bravo programming? “The show idea was appealing to me because its intention was uniquely positive,” new cast member Brie Bythewood told Hollywood Take. “All of the ladies involved seemed to share a common drive to succeed. We're a strong bunch of women. So the positive opportunities definitely outweighed any fears of reality television.”

Brie Bythewood Brie Bythewood from the new Bravo show Blood, Sweat and Heels.

Bythewood may be known for her real-estate prowess, but she also gives a tremendous amount of time and energy to charity. Like Bythewood, Mica Hughes is already established. Hughes was a successful runway model who founded a modeling agency when her runway days were over.

“I thought the concept was right up my alley,” Hughes told HT. “This show was based on a strong premise, [which is looking at] career women. Ladies who are successful running their own businesses in one of the most difficult cities to live and survive in.”

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Even though both women were excited to join the show adjusting to an unscripted program came with challenges. “The most surprising thing [about the show] was how hard you really have to work,” Hughes told HT. “Not only with a long arduous filming schedule, but being your own producer. [People] are stepping into your world. What do you have planned for them to see that's interesting and all cleared for filming? Not everyone wants to participate. It was challenging on many levels.”

Mica Hughes Mica Hughes showing off at the Blood, Sweat and Heels premiere party in NYC.

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Bythewood also didn't expect some of the challenges that came with filming. “The most surprising thing for me has been the amount of after-thought I've given to words I've spoken,” Bythewood admitted, “especially when they're improperly conveyed or horribly misunderstood. If I could change anything about my experience now that it's over, I'd choose a few of my words more carefully so they're more easily understood, although I regret nothing.”

Tensions sometimes ran high, Hughes said. “Definitely harder to get along with some of these girls [than the models I worked with],” the former Chanel model said. “This was way too up close and personal.”

Want to see how personal the women get? Check out Blood, Sweat and Heels when it premieres on Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo!