Is Bobbi Kristina Brown too skinny?  A shocking bikini photo of Whitney Houston’s daughter has led some to speculate that she has lost too much weight.

But Bobbi Kristina Brown slammed those critics on Tuesday, saying that the skinny frame in her bikini photo was just the result of good genes.

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“I am my mothers child !” Brown wrote. “Have you ever heard of a #fastmetabolism ? Damn, lol it's incredible how the world will judge you 4ANY&EVERYthing.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown Bobbi Kristina Brown in October 2012 with a noticeably fuller figure.


Bobbi Kristina Brown’s husband, Nick Gordon, also had no issues with his wife’s weight in the bikini photo. Gordon defended Brown on Twitter, writing, “My baby is perfect the way she is. Y'all reporters on my s--t can suck my d--k. MADD cuz your b---h is a 400 pounder.”

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Nick Gordon then reiterated that Bobbi Kristina Brown had not lost any weight. He also threw in a few curse words at the end of this tweet for good measure.

“And for the record she was made that way why change I know she is beautiful and so do so again f--k you with a aids d--k b---h," he added.

This bikini photo controversy would not the first time Bobbi Kristina Brown faced health problems. Shortly after her mother Whitney died in 2012, Bobbi was rushed to the hospital with anxiety.

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon's brother sister relationship Nick Gordon was quick to defend wife Bobbi Kristina Brown's bikini photo.

In fact, Bobbi Kristina Brown has been no stranger to drama, even before this weight loss debate arose. Many criticized Brown’s marriage to the aforementioned Gordon, as he grew up in the Houston household and was thus like a sibling to her.

But just like with the recent weight loss scandal, Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon refused to let their critics bother them.

“It put a fire in us,” Gordon told Extra in January. “The critics can say whatever they want to say… It's like we have a force field and that s--t's just bouncing off of it.”

And the drama only intensified at a recent party. Per TMZ, Whitney Houston’s nephew, Gary Michael Houston, beat up Nick Gordon at a Sweet 16 for the singer’s niece, Rayah. Gary Houston was apparently upset about Gordon criticizing the family.

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