Rachel Lindsay revealed her final four guys during Monday's Bachelorette. But not before questioning some of the early contenders. She wondered if Bryan Abasolo was really as perfect as he seemed. And she feared Dean Unglert was too immature to have a serious conversation.

The episode began with Rachel and the final six guys heading to Switzerland. And they all knew the importance of the upcoming one-on-one date.


Then Rachel dropped a bombshell. She revealed there wouldn't be a rose ceremony at the end of the week. Instead, there would be three one-on-one dates and one group date for the remaining three guys.

Adam Gottschalk and Matt Munson, in particular, hoped for a one-on-one since neither had had one yet. Instead, Rachel first took out Bryan. And the other guys were really jealous, especially since Bryan just had a one-on-one a few weeks ago. "Why would you take Bryan again?" Adam rhetorically asked the camera. "I don't know why she would pick a guy like that. It doesn't make sense to me."

Bryan Bachelorette Bryan got another one-on-one date on 'The Bachelorette.'

For their "luxurious" date, Rachel and Bryan took a ride around Geneva in a Bentley. Then they went to an expensive watch store, where ABC producers Rachel bought them matching timepieces. Bryan thanked Rachel with another big kiss.  They continued to kiss during their romantic boat ride.

Both Bryan and Rachel were loving their time together. Rachel even admitted that she wasn't scared when Bryan told her on their last date that he was falling for her. She was particularly attracted to his "quiet, strong confidence."


Back at the resort, Adam and Matt lamented being the only two left who hadn't received a one-on-one. Peter Kraus was also a bit "annoyed" that Bryan got another one-on-one date so soon after his last one. And Dean, like Adam, questioned whether Bryan was really right for Rachel.

Watch footage from Bryan and Rachel's Switzerland date.

"He's a 37-year-old man, lives in Miami who has spent the last 18-plus years of his life swooning and sweet-talking women on a  daily basis to the point where he's gotten good at it, to the point where Rachel needs to see if it can go beyond that," Dean told Peter.  Peter agreed.

Despite the other guys' doubts, Rachel continued to gush about Bryan. She told him that she liked how open he was about his feelings. And they seemed to complement each other really well.


That night, another date card arrived at the resort. This time, it was addressed to  Dean. Adam and Matt were frustrated yet again. Dean, meanwhile, was a bit worried about possibly advancing to the Hometown Dates because he doesn't have a strong relationship with his family.

But Bryan and Rachel's date wasn’t over yet. They had a gorgeous candlelight dinner at a symphony. But Rachel was still worried that he was too good to be true. She wondered why a guy seemingly as amazing as Bryan was still single.

Watch Rachel question why Bryan hasn't found love yet.

So before Rachel gave out her rose, she asked Bryan about his life and family. He described how his mom put him in an all-boys school after he asked for an earring. Rachel also went to private school, and they bonded over the experience.

Bryan also reassured Rachel that his family would like her. But Rachel wanted to know more about his last relationship, which ended shortly after his ex met the family.


Bryan explained that like Rachel, his relationship with his ex got passionate very quickly. So even though they hadn't known each other that long, Bryan invited her to a family wedding in Colombia. But his mom apparently wanted her to make some compromises, and the ex refused to meet her halfway. So a few days later, she dumped him and blamed his mom. His mother ended up feeling really guilty that she broke up the relationship.

Rachel then told Bryan that she wanted to learn even more about him, and she wanted to meet his family. So she gave him the rose, guaranteeing him a Hometown Date. Bryan was excited and said Rachel was a "perfect match" for him. Rachel, meanwhile, said when she was with Bryan, she felt like she was in a "fairy tale."

Dean Unglert In Bachelorette Final Four Rachel questioned why Dean wouldn't open up to her during their one-on-one date.

The next day, it was time for Dean and Rachel's date. She wanted to build on the connection they developed during their first one-on-one.

 They went to a Catholic Mass together in French, even though neither of them spoke the language. Rachel knew she needed someone who respected her strong faith. She also loved the Church community.

After the service, they danced and laughed in the street.  Rachel was enjoying herself but knew her relationship with Dean had to go beyond just having fun. And Dean was still worried about sharing his family dynamics with Rachel.

Watch Rachel and Dean share a dance on their date.

Back at the resort, Dean became the target of the other guys' wrath. Eric Bigger and Peter wondered if Dean was really in touch with his feelings. He would always make a comment or joke instead of getting emotional. Peter even questioned if Dean was ready to be "husband material." And Eric felt that if Rachel tried to connect with Dean on a deeper level, Dean probably wouldn't get a rose.

Indeed, when Rachel asked Dean to open up about his life, he instead made jokes about the Tooth Fairy and dinosaurs. Rachel was beginning to realize that her relationship with Dean wasn't as deep as the others.

Watch Dean change the subject when asked about his family.

The remaining guys then received the final date card of the week. It went to Peter, leaving Eric, Adam and Matt crushed. Eric could tell that Peter, Bryan and Dean were quickly becoming Rachel's favorites.

That night, Rachel was disappointed that Dean hadn't opened up to her. She admitted that something felt "off" between them that day. Dean started laughing nervously, and Rachel said she needed to see another side of him besides the jokester.

So finally Dean came clean. He admitted he was nervous about the Hometowns because his family wasn't what she was expecting. Growing up, his dad would always have fun with him, but he would never do things like take him to school. That was his mom's job. When she died, his father couldn't take over his mother's role. That caused Dean and his father to grow apart. So Dean was worried that Rachel would judge his family if she met them.

Rachel replied that she wasn't expecting her husband to have a family just like hers. She just wanted to get to know the people who made Dean who he is. And she appreciated seeing the real Dean, with his guard down.

Rachel And Dean Dean feared introducing Rachel to his "dysfunctional" family.

So she gave him a rose. And Dean was happy that Rachel was open to meeting his "dysfunctional, patriarchal family."  

For her date with Peter, Rachel took the Wisconsin native to the Alps via helicopter. They landed on Glacier 3000 and went dog sledding. Peter even wrapped his arms around Rachel on the sled.

At the resort, Matt wondered if Rachel and Peter would be able to capture their early spark from the first few weeks of The Bachelorette. Indeed, Peter told Rachel that it was hard seeing Rachel with all the other guys. It had made him question if he even wanted to stay on the show. But he did because he knew how strong a connection he had with Rachel.

Watch Rachel and Peter tour the Swiss Alps.

Rachel admitted that there were times she had wanted to leave The  Bachelor, as well. But while she liked Peter's honesty, his admission that he had thought about quitting gave her pause.

After they got down from the Alps and warmed up, Peter and Rachel had dinner together. They knew they still had to get to know each other better. So Rachel asked him about his family. He gushed about his parents and said he thought his loved ones would like her. Then Rachel asked if Peter had ever brought a black girl home before. He admitted he had never dated an African-American before, but he thought his parents wouldn't care about her race.

Peter next got emotional talking about his ex. He said there was no big fight, but they just drifted apart. When he drove away after they broke up, he could see her crying in his rearview mirror. It made him feel guilty for hurting her. It was a tough experience for him, but he said he thought he was ready to find love again.

However, Peter said that he wouldn't propose to Rachel at the end if he was having reservations about their relationship. And that made Rachel worried she could get heartbroken again. The other guys seemed more ready to settle down than Peter was.

Watch Peter admit he might not be ready to propose.

Still, Peter insisted the pain of his past split was gone.  And Rachel appreciated how deep their conversation got.  So he also got a rose, meaning there was only one rose left for the remaining three guys. She figured she still had time to see if he was ready for marriage. While it was risky to go to his Hometown knowing he may not propose at the end, she felt it was a chance worth taking. She also felt that he wouldn't have accepted her rose if he didn't see a future with her.

All that was left for the week was the final Bachelorette group date. Adam went in confident that he would get a rose. He felt that he and Rachel had a strong connection. Eric, however, was doubting his relationship with Rachel.

Rachel decided to take Eric, Adam and Matt to France. She wanted to talk to each of them and see if she had a future with them. And she knew it would be hard to say goodbye to two of them.

Rachel And Matt Rachel felt her connection with Matt wasn't as strong as some of the other guys.

Once they got to France, Rachel spoke alone with Eric first. He wanted to be there for her after her tough week. So he comforted her when she talked about how hard the decision would be. And he told her that she makes him happy.  He concluded that she was the "perfect girl" for him.

Matt spoke with Rachel next. He talked about how all these tough decisions were necessary for Rachel to find love in the end. He also said that she had evolved in the past few months, and that she had inspired him to do the same. He just wanted her to be happy.

Rachel broke down when she said that Matt reminded her of herself. She thought if they had time to get to know each other in the real world, they would have a strong connection. But she knew that in this high-pressurized situation of The Bachelorette, her relationships with the other guys had progressed more quickly. So she tearfully sent him home. She continued to cry as she walked him to the car, and as the car drove away. Matt still wished Rachel the best.

As tough as that elimination was, Rachel still had to send home one more guy. So that night, Adam and Eric sat down for dinner with Rachel. And she still wasn't sure who she would choose. Adam, however, was still feeling confident, though he feared Rachel wouldn't make the right decision.

Adam Bachelorette Adam and his creepy doll were sent home on 'The Bachelorette.'

Adam sat down with Rachel, who admitted she was concerned when Adam said part of him was falling for her. It made her wonder why all of him didn't feel that way. Adam replied that he was still a little scared and skeptical, but he could also feel a connection with Rachel. He even wanted to text her in between dates.

Rachel thought Adam's optimism balanced well with her realism/pessimism. And Adam wanted Rachel to meet his parents. But he told her to follow her gut when deciding about the group date rose.

Rachel then spoke to Eric about his family. Eric admitted Rachel would be the first woman he ever brought home. He also opened up about his rough upbringing in the projects. All his male family members fell into lives of drugs and crimes, while many of his friends were killed. His parents also split up when he was young, so he had never seen a healthy romantic relationship.

Eric said he masked the pain with his positivity and by helping other people. But he needed someone to help him for once.

Eric and Rachel Bachelorette Eric received the final group date rose from Rachel Lindsay.

Rachel liked how Eric opened up to her in a new way. But she also worried that he had never brought a girl home before. Adam, meanwhile, took advantage of all the time he had with Rachel, which made Rachel wonder if she should spend more time with him in his hometown.

Ultimately, Rachel had to make a decision. She decided to go with her gut and give her rose to Eric. Poor Adam was crushed. And Rachel cried again while hugging Adam goodbye.

In the car, Adam was in shock about what had happened. He felt Rachel had made a "huge mistake."  Rachel was feeling "humbled" by the whole Bachelorette journey.

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