Carmelo and LaLa Anthony are splitting up after seven years of marriage. And Knicks fans are wondering if the team's difficult season was to blame.

TMZ reported on Monday that LaLa recently moved out of the couple's home. While neither star has filed for divorce yet, a reconciliation is unlikely. The split was fairly amicable, as LaLa and Carmelo attended their son's basketball game together last weekend.

So what went wrong for Carmelo and LaLa? The couple has had issues for years. But TMZ says that the most recent NBA season may have affected the Anthonys' marriage. Carmelo's Knicks struggled to a 31-51 record and finished 12th out of 15 teams in their conference.

And throughout the season, Carmelo was plagued by reports of a possible trade from the Knicks. With New York in more of a rebuilding mode, many assumed the team would unload its aging star for younger pieces.

Carmelo And LaLa Instagram LaLa Anthony shared this sweet photo with Carmelo and their son just months before their split.

Carmelo reportedly told team president Phil Jackson in January that he wanted to stay with the Knicks. But insiders told The Vertical that Phil was "determined" to deal Carmelo before February's trade deadline. And the star admitted that the speculation took a toll on him emotionally.

"You've got to deal with that, even though I try not to read it," he told ESPN in January. "And everywhere you go, even if you don't hear about it, somebody is telling you about it, somebody is saying something. It can be mentally draining, mentally fatiguing."

His former teammate Brandon Jennings agreed. "I think it was just like a roller coaster — emotional roller coaster — for him this year with everything he had to deal with, which isn’t fair," Jennings said earlier this month. "For a player to wake up every day and you’re hearing trade rumors and that you might be gone, this and that."

The trade deadline came and went without a deal, so Carmelo finished the season with the Knicks. But the trade speculation didn't go away.  In fact, just this week, Phil told the press that he wanted to move Carmelo before the start of next season.

Carmelo And LaLa Anthony Carmelo and LaLa Anthony had worked through marriage issues in the past (Photo: Fortunata / Splash News).

"We've not been able to win with [Carmelo] on the court at this time," Phil said. "I think the direction with our team is that he's a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talent somewhere where he can win or chase that championship."

The stress of the tough season and all the trade drama could have very easily spilled into Carmelo's home life. And it may have been one of the final straws for a marriage that was already on the rocks.

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