Handsome and hilarious? It seems that Channing Tatum has it all. And today, the 33-year-old heartthrob proved just how swoon-worthy he is when he starred in his very own hysterical version of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “Epic Split” commercial playfully spoofing the Volvo Truck advertisement.

While on a break from filming 22 Jump Street (the sequel to Tatum’s 2012 21 Jump Street), Tatum, dressed as his character Jenko, took a shot at Damme’s jaw-dropping ad. But it seems that the hunky comedian wasn’t as prepared for what was in store as our stern-faced Belgian friend.

"I've had my ups and downs," Tatum says with his strong forearms crossed in front of his chest. "Being an undercover cop, that's what made me what I am today," he continues, sound-tracked to the same song from Damme’s commercial, Enya’s “Only Time.” Surviving high school is no easy task. Neither is being a college freshman at my age. But because of this, my body is now engineered to defy the law of physics. And the mindset to master the most epic of splits."

The camera then begins to slowly pan back, showing viewers what exactly Tatum is "epic-ly splitting." Two assistants stand on either side of last year’s Sexiest Man Alive, pushing food carts on which Tatum is balanced. "This test was set up to demonstrate the stability and precision of the food carts on the set of 22 Jump Street," a message on the screen read.

But unlike the 53-year-old martial arts master, Tatum takes a nasty spill when gravity decides to defy him! Watch the hysterical spoofs below and let us know which one you think wins the award for most “epic split”!