Charles and Alli Trippy, stars of the popular Internet Killed Television video channel, announced they are getting divorced. Charles Trippy revealed the separation in a YouTube clip on his CTFxC (Charles Trippy Friends Core) vlog, which documented his life with Alli.

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“I don’t really know how to do this or say this, because I’ve literally tried six times and I’ve deleted the video six different times. So I figured this time I was just going to be completely straight forward and honest with you guys. ...  

“Over the past couple of months, Alli and I have just not been getting along. We just haven’t been happy. …  We have been arguing a lot more than normal. And it’s just been getting worse and worse, and we’ve just becoming more and more unhappy and stressed out, both of us."

"So we’ve both decided that it was unfair for both of us to keep moving this direction if we’re both unhappy and stressed," Charles continued. "So we decided that we will be separating.”

Watch Charles announce his breakup from Alli Trippy below.

Shortly after announcing his breakup from Alli, Charles Trippy also posted the below message on his Twitter page.


Before their split, Charles and Alli Trippy made headlines for publicly documenting his struggle with brain cancer. One of their CTFxC videos even showed the Charles’ undergoing surgery to remove the tumor while he was still awake.

Watch Charles Trippy’s brain cancer surgery video below.

Charles and Alli Trippy, who married in November 2011, are two of the most popular vloggers on the Internet. Their CTFxC channel alone reaches more than 1.4 million subscribers. In October, Daily Mail reported that their videos had been viewed more than 403,700,000 times. The now-separated couple also set the Guinness World Record for most consecutive days posting videos to YouTube.

Charles Trippy works as the bassist for the band We The Kings. He recently spoke about the difficulty of being a video blogger while touring with the group.

“It’s very difficult,” he told What's Trending last year. “Alli helps a lot. Luckily, the Internet’s everywhere.”

Many fans are now wondering what will happen to CTFxC if Ally and Charles Trippy are separating. Not surprisingly, Charles said he plans to continue vlogging.

“I’m going to keep doing the videos, because this is the CTFxC, and it always will be the CTFxC, and I will always be there for you guys, just like you have always been there for me, through the ups and downs,” he said. “I hope that you guys will be there for my ups and downs.”