Could The Colbert Report get canceled? A new Twitter campaign calls for Comedy Central to pull the plug on the popular series after host Stephen Colbert made a seemingly racist joke on the series’ Twitter account.

The #CancelColbert campaign began when the host tweeted the following message. The tweet in question has since been deleted but lives on thanks to Internet screenshots.

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Colbert Racist Tweet Stephen Colbert has since deleted this tweet, but it has still inspired a #CancelColbert Twitter campaign.

According to, this supposedly racist joke was actually part of a segment on The Colbert Report Wednesday night. Stephen Colbert was parodying Washington Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder’s much-maligned decision to start a foundation for Native Americans rather than change his football team’s offensive nickname. But, the racist Twitter joke that started the #CancelColbert trend did not include this context.

Watch the controversial Colbert Report joke below (the segment in question comes at around the 4:50 mark)

Of course, The Colbert Report is known for its particularly controversial jokes. Stephen Colbert plays a super-conservative character in order to mock those conservative beliefs. The apparent racist joke was likely just an extension of that character, but that did not stop fans from trending #CancelColbert on Twitter.

"I do the show in character — and he’s an idiot; he’s wilfully [sic] ignorant of everything we’re going to talk about," Stephen Colbert said in 2008. "He’s willfully ignorant of everything we’re going to talk about. Disabuse me of my ignorance. Don’t let me put words in your mouth.”

Conservative author Michelle Malkin has been among those leading the charge to #CancelColbert.

  But others are challenging the #CancelColbert movement. 



  Even Stephen Colbert himself has gotten involved in the #CancelColbert trend. And he showed his signature sense of humor in the process.

  Do you think Stephen Colbert's tweet was racist? Should Comedy Central #CancelColbert? Let us know your take in our comments section below.