Could controversial teen bride Courtney Stodden soon be a teen divorceé? The reality star, currently competing on the U.K. edition of Celebrity Big Brother, got married in 2011 to Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, when she was just 16-years-old and he was 51. Now 19, Stodden has hinted at trouble in her marriage with her much older husband and rumors that she will divorce Hutchison have begun to surface.

On the most recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Stodden said her time in the house has made her more independent and could leave her no longer needing Hutchison. “He means so much more to me than this freaking house, and I don’t want to leave this house feeling so strong and independent that I can’t depend on him anymore," she confided. "I don’t ever want him to let go and I don't want him to let go.” Despite her strong words of love for Hutchison, Stodden was also spotted dancing with single contestant Mario Falcone before he made a hasty exit, declaring, “I don’t do that with married women.” Stodden is still alive on the show, and British betters have her at 10-1 odds to win this season.


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Hutchison showed up at the eviction show to support his wife, but received boos from the crowd. He has reportedly struggled to hear Stodden’s comments about their marriage and is worried that she will divorce him. “Doug is freaking out! He is worried Courtney is over him after what she said,” said a source to Daily Mail. Hutchison has been blacklisted from Hollywood ever since marrying his teen bride. Apart from a stint with Stodden on VH1 reality show Couples Therapy, he has not landed any TV or film work in nearly three years.

Stodden and Hutchison have also recently starred in a sex therapy video series that hinted at marriage troubles for them. The series, entitled Passion and Pleasure, features the couple openly talking about their sexual differences and her husband’s lack of libido. Stodden is reportedly upset that her much older husband does not want to have sex on a daily basis, while Hutchison has expressed concern over his wife’s overly sexual image.

Courtney Stodden Wife of Doug Hutchison, Courtney Stodden, poses in front of the mirror (Photo: Twitter/@CourtneyStodden)

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The teen bride also revealed last month that she had breast augmentation in order to get double D breasts. Stodden had been using enhanced Victoria's Secret bras to fool the public into thinking she had larger breasts. "I've been actually creating an illusion that my cup sizes are two sizes bigger than I really am," Stodden confessed. "I am a size C and I look, in the media, like I'm a size double D, which I love."