Brazilian singer Cristiano Araújo has died at age 29. So what happened? 

According to the star’s official Instagram page, Cristiano Araújo was returning home from a concert when his car rolled over. His girlfriend, 19-year-old Allana Coelho Pinto de Moraes, died at the scene. Araújo was then rushed to a nearby hospital before passing away.  He reportedly suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding, and doctors spent over an hour trying to revive him before declaring him dead. It's unclear if he was wearing a seat belt.

Watch one of Cristiano Araújo's music videos below.

Two other people in the car suffered minor injuries, including the driver, Ronaldo Miranda. Miranda passed a breathalyzer exam after the accident that led to the death of Cristiano Araújo. Authorities are now investigating whether Miranda fell asleep at the wheel before the crash, which occurred early Wednesday morning. It also appears that the car was speeding before it flipped over.

Before his death, Cristiano Araújo  started his musical career by performing with twin Ana Cristina. He turned solo in 2010, rising to fame with his EP Efeitos. He later released his first album, Continua, in 2013, which included hit songs like “Caso Indefinido” and “Maus “Bocados.”

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As news of Cristiano Araújo's death spread online, fans paid tribute to the star on social media.

"Another talented singer gone too soon," tweeted @carloscouzing. "RIP @CristianoAraujo . So sad to see all of the death of those so young."

Added @ChristinaD23: "incredibly sad news about cristiano araújo. such a young, talented guy."

And @Cesaarmello wrote: "RIP Cristiano Araújo. My condolences to your and Allana's family. May God take care of you both.."