Demi Lovato’s hair has definitely become edgier as of late. The latest example came on Tuesday, when the singer revealed her half-shaved head.

The star first teased her new shaved haircut by tweeting a photo of her shorn hair on a table. She then posted the above picture of her latest look.

This shaved head look is not the first time Demi Lovato has experimented with her hair. Earlier this year, the former Disney star dyed her locks pink for her upcoming Neon Lights tour. And despite her new haircut, Lovato's pink hair color remains unchanged.

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Just a few months before that, Lovato revealed blue hair during her performance on The Tonight Show.  So even before she shaved her head, the singer had developed a reputation for her unpredictable and constantly-changing hairstyles.

“I never know what I’m going to do next,” she told People in 2013.

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Demi Lovato Blue Hair Demi Lovato sported blue hair at the X Factor finale in December (Photo: Reuters).

Even back in 2011, Lovato showed her willingness to experiment with her hair. The singer dyed her locks red that fall, though she later lamented that the color did not stay on her hair very long.

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Before that, however, Demi Lovato maintained her typical girly hairstyle. In 2010, while she starred on Sonny With A Chance, she briefly gave her hair blonde highlights for the summer.  By the fall, she had returned to her normal dark brown locks, however, and she primarily kept that look until her aforementioned red hair experiment.

Demi Lovato Blonde Demi Lovato is not shy about making her hair lighter in the summer, like in this photo from early September 2013 (Photo: Reuters).

Even Demi Lovato’s desire to lighten her hair for the summer intensified as she grew older. This past year, she actually dyed her hair completely blonde for the warmer months.

“I don’t really care if people like it or not,” Lovato said of her hair color. “I like being blonde and it’s fun for the summertime.”

Demi Lovato Brunette In 2011, Demi Lovato mostly stuck to her simple girly hairstyle while performing (Photo: Reuters).

It may be a good thing that Demi Lovato does not care about public reaction to her hair. While some thought her half-shaved head was cute others criticized it as “sloppy”  or even worse.

What do you think of Demi Lovato’s latest haircut? Do you like her shaved look, or did you prefer when she kept her locks more girly? Let us know your take in our comments section below.