Was Gary Oldman the right choice to win Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards? The other nominees in the category included Timothée Chalamet, Daniel Day-Lewis, Tom Hanks, and Denzel Washington.

Oldman made sure to thank his makeup team for transforming him into Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour. He also sweetly thanked his wife for putting up with his method acting. Then, like many others at the Globes, his speech turned political.

"I am very proud of 'Darkest Hour.' It illustrates that words and actions can change the world, and boy, oh boy, does it need some changing," he said.

The Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama category was filled with plenty of star power. Tom Hanks, who plays editor Ben Bradlee in The Post, had nine Globe nominations and four wins heading into this year's ceremony.


Washington is also a Globe fave. The titular star of  Roman J. Israel, Esq.  had been nominated nine times as well, with two wins. He additionally won the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2016.

Watch Daniel-Day Lewis in the trailer for The Darkest Hour.

Others were also rooting for Daniel-Day Lewis to take home the prize in what he says will be his last-ever performance. The three-time Oscar winner announced his retirement back in June. He was nominated at the Globes this year for his turn as a 1950s dressmaker who falls in love in Phantom Thread.

But Oldman and Chalamet were the odds-on favorites in the Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama category at the 2018 Golden Globes. Chalamet had a breakout year in 2017, appearing in two Globe-nominated films: Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name. It was his role in the latter film, where he plays a gay teenager who falls in love for the first time, that earned him his Globe nomination.


"What this movie’s been already is so above and beyond I think any of our wildest dreams," he told Newsweek in November. "The experience of getting to shoot it was the main appeal. And the reception it’s been getting is above and beyond our wildest dreams, anything beyond that would be greatly appreciated too, but I’m really trying not to think about that too much."

Watch Chalamet in the Call Me By Your Name trailer.

But Gary Oldman was the front-runner for the Golden Globe. Oldman did months of research through books and newsreels and even visited the former Prince Minister’s famed war room.


"My appreciation for him has risen, and I’m continuing to read about him and it doesn’t end with this film," Oldman told Vulture of Churchill. "I was in touch with a Churchill scholar and he guided me to a couple of the places to read, and then there was the Martin Gilbert book, [Churchill: A Life], which is sort of a bible. It’s so voluminous that you’d need a lifetime to read his books and the books on him, but I knew that I would try to read as many as I could before production started."

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