Did Negan ruin The Walking Dead? Ratings dropped during Season 7, and fans have been enormously upset with all the changes on TWD.

The first half of Season 7 was devastating. And the premiere brought in 17 million viewers. Soon, though, fans were sick of the violence and negativity. By the mid-season finale, TWD had just 10.6 million viewers.


Rick and Negan the Walking Dead Rick and Negan have clashed on 'The Walking Dead.'

So why are fans frustrated? Many don’t like Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan. He’s incredibly violent, over-the-top, and almost cartoonish in his villainous ways.

Fans also aren’t happy that TWD changed Negan from the comics. In the books, Negan's followers listened to him because he broke them down until they had a sort-of Stockholm syndrome. But as Revelist points out, on the show many of the Saviors hate Negan but simply refuse to fight back.


And as Slate notes, many fans think Negan’s antics are getting old. It’s the same thing over and over again, so his behavior just isn’t shocking anymore. We’ve seen people try and fail to defeat him. We’ve seen Negan kill Olivia and Spencer. But we're really just killing time waiting for the war that we know will come.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan Amazing or Awful on 'The Walking Dead'? Jeffrey Dean Morgan's portrayal of Negan has sparked mixed reactions. Some fans think he's slaying it on 'The Walking Dead' while others think he's too over-the-top.

Negan just isn’t scary anymore. His over-the-top speeches are all long and drawn out. And, according to Forbes, many fans find him “so irritating and omnipresent.” Fans also find the writing and Morgan’s acting annoying.

On top of that, fans don’t like seeing the survivors in such a dark place. After Glenn and Abraham’s deaths, our favorite characters were so cowed by Negan and the Saviors. They were grieving and dealing with their trauma, and they weren’t the same characters we’d grown to love during the first half of Season 7. And many fans thought this dreary tone went on too long. Plus, the group wasn't together anymore. Fans hate how spread out everyone is, and how we kept meeting new communities like Oceanside.


The gang is gearing up for a fight now, though. While they’re still grieving, Rick, Daryl and the others are also planning and being active again. So some fans are hoping TWD’s tone is changing back. And TWD saw a ratings increase for the mid-season premiere. Ratings slid back down again for the second episode, but there was another bump last week.

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