Ellen DeGeneres went all out with her Halloween costume this year, and the end result was hilarious! The talk show host spoofed Nicki Minaj by appearing in the same revealing outfit that the rapper wore on her show last month. Wearing a long blonde wig and leather trousers, DeGeneres sported fake breasts over a tiny black jacket that was unbuttoned. She was joined by Alison Sweeney, who was dressed in a hysterical Christina Aguilera costume and even sat in a swivel chair identical to the one on The Voice.


Walking out to laughs and applause from her talk show audience, DeGeneres explained why she dressed as Minaj for her Halloween costume this year. “This year, I decided to go as something really scary… half naked. Of course, I’m Nicki Minaj,” she joked. “Let me start by saying, my eyes are up here. Nicki was on the show a few weeks ago. Her shirt was not. She took my show from a PG rating to a double D … and in case you’re wondering, these are real. This is real. It’s all real.”

Nicki Minaj pastie Nicki Minaj shows us her sexier side as she poses for a picture donning pasties.

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When Minaj appeared on DeGeneres’ show last month, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts were visible from underneath a jacket that had only one button fastened. “If you need to borrow a bra from me, you just let me know,” the chat host joked. Minaj responded by declaring, “I hate bras. Bras are like the devil.”

The Halloween costume was an immediate success, but not everything that DeGeneres touches turns to gold. She signed on as a producer for Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, but has reportedly been horrified at the low ratings the show has received since going into syndication last summer. Sources say she has met with her production company in a bid to “cut losses” and quietly move on.

Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres hilarious comedic timing is a favorite among fans, and was one reason The Academy chose the talk show personality to host the Oscars.

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“When the first-week ratings came out, DeGeneres’ producers looked and said, ‘It’s so bad,’ [and] they requested it be reprocessed, which is basically a recount,” a source told the New York Daily News. “It was that bad. Nine out of 10 times nothing is wrong with the way the ratings have been processed.”

Frankel has been struggling to get big-name guests to appear on her talk show and has been forced to resort to D-list celebrities like Farrah Abraham and Omarosa. “Frankel was told numerous times by DeGeneres before the show premiered that she would absolutely help her in getting all of the big names in show business,” a source told Radar Online. “[But] the big name celebrities don’t want to go on a talk show hosted by a former Bravo housewife. It’s causing major drama behind the scenes.”