Will Fifty Shades Darker be hot enough? With the premiere just days away, 50 Shades fans are hoping the sequel fixed Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s chemistry problems.

Dornan recently opened up about filming some of the steamy scenes for Fifty Shades Darker. He explained that the prop department had to make the spreader bar that E.L. James described in the book. But the sex toy didn’t always “perform.” 


Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades Chemistry Will Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan's scenes in 'Fifty Shades Darker' be sexy? The two faced criticism over their lack of chemistry on the first '50 Shades' movie, but Johnson says the sequel will be hot.

“It didn’t work a couple of times and held us back a little bit,” Dornan laughed to People. “It didn’t quite achieve what we wanted it to achieve but when it mattered it worked, so it was all good.”

Dornan and Fifty Shades Darker director also James Foley talked about how much fun they had on set. Johnson, in particular, would constantly giggle and start snorting. Foley loved it, though. “I felt like she’s having fun, it’s a playful thing, so the audience can have fun and not think, ‘Ooh is this weird?’ It’s all about play,” he said.


Does that mean Dornan and Johnson will have better chemistry? The stars famously had to re-shoot some scenes in Fifty Shades Of Grey to make them more “passionate.” “Dakota isn’t coming off sexy enough,” a source said at the time. “Ana needs to be naïve, not a dish-rag.”

Fifty Shades Sequel Sexy Or Not? Chemistry Problems In First Movie Make Fans Question Second Film Will the 'Fifty Shades' sequel be sexy or not? That's what fans are wondering after filming wrapped. There were a lot of problems with the chemistry in the first movie. So do fans have a right to be concerned?

Despite the re-shoots, critics complained that 50 Shades of Grey still wasn’t sexy enough. “Ms. Taylor-Johnson’s sex scenes are not that much different from other R-rated sex scenes, though there are more of them and more hardware is involved,” A.O. Scott wrote in The New York Times. “You know the routine: an arched neck, some curled toes, a buttock here, a breast there, a wisp of pubic hair, a muffled moan, another Beyoncé song. Maybe a riding crop for variety.”

But with E.L. James taking on a bigger role in the sequels, Fifty Shades fans hoped the chemistry problems would be fixed. So is Fifty Shades Darker hotter or not?


According to USA Today, there are more kinky sex scenes in the sequel. And Johnson and Dornan are much more comfortable with them. “I definitely felt more comfortable with being assertive and opinionated about the way certain scenes should go,” Johnson said.

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