Kit Harington revealed secrets from Game of Thrones' Season 4 finale when he attended a How To Train Your Dragon 2 screening on Wednesday night — and now we're counting the minutes until the epic episode.

“I haven’t seen it,” Harington, who plays Jon Snow, revealed. “We never get to see it beforehand. I watch it like everyone else does when it comes out. Obviously, I’ve read the episode. It’s a big action-packed episode. There’s a lot happens in it that leaves people wanting more, and that’s what we want, people coming back to season five.”

“It doesn’t wrap things up in the same way that the last few episodes of the last few seasons have,” Harington continued. “It leaves a lot open. I’m excited to see it. It’s one of my favorite episodes I’ve ever done.”

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Jon Snow and Ygritte on 'Game of Thrones' Within moments Jon and Ygritte's happiness turned to despair once she was killed. They barely had a chance to speak, but he did hold his love one last time.

The last episode of Game of Thrones, “The Watchers on the Wall”, was all about the Battle of Castle Black, and it was epic. The Night’s Watch made it through the first battle, but they were not faring too well. We were shocked when Jon Snow went off to confront Mance Rayder alone. Will he make it back alive?

He’s not the only one we’re worried about. This entire season has been terrible for Tyrion Lannister. He’s been found guilty of killing King Joffrey and lost his trial by combat in an incredibly gruesome fight between Prince Oberyn and the Mountain. 

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

'Game of Thrones' - Tyrion Lannister Trial Tyrion Lannister gave us an amazing 'Game of Thrones' moment in 'The Laws of Gods and Men' when he took justice into his own hands. But now GoT fans fear he made a terrible mistake.

The word is that Tyrion lives after getting key family information from Jaime. In George R. R. Martin's book, Tyrion gets out of his cell with Jaime's help. When he goes to look for Tywin he finds his father in bed with his longtime love, Shae. Tyrion exacts his revenge on Tywin with a crossbow. He soon flees and later meets up with Jorah Mormont.

But will the show go the same way? HBO producers have strayed from the book, and they could again. Jon Snow is also in trouble. We hear he lives after his meeting with Mance Rayder and may even team up with Stannis Baratheon.

The showrunners of Game of Thrones said this year’s finale “The Children” will be “the best finale we’ve ever done, bar none,” and we couldn’t be more excited. But we’re still worried about our favorite characters.

Daenerys Targaryen on 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Will Daenerys Targaryen finally bring her army to Westeros?

The synopsis says: “Circumstances change after an unexpected arrival from north of the Wall; Dany must face harsh realities; Bran learns more about his destiny; Tyrion sees the truth about the situation.”

Who will live, who will die and who will seize the Iron Throne? This is who's up and who's down going into the Season 4 Game of Thrones finale:

1. Jon Snow

Jon Snow and Ygritte on 'Game of Thrones' When Jon Snow (Kit Harington) met the Wildling Ygritte (Rose Leslie) he never could have imagined the heartbreak that would unfold on 'Game of Thrones'. Holding his love in his arms one last time, Jon Snow was devastated. Now he's taking matters into his own hands. He will try to kill Mance Rayder himself. Is it suicide?

Jon Snow really went above and beyond during the Battle of Castle Black during “Watchers on the Wall.” He was a real leader, just like we knew he would be. But he has come up with a terrible plan. He’s going to go off on his own beyond the wall and try to kill Mance Rayder in the hopes that the Wildlings will give up without their leader. He also just lost his great love, Ygritte. But we still have faith that Jon Snow will come out ahead after "The Children".

2. Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen on Season 4 of 'Game of Thrones' For the first time on 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 we're starting to see Daenerys Targaryen face problems. Though she's freeing slaves and expanding her army, chaos is ensuing after she leaves. Is the Mother of Dragons creating more failure than success?

Daenerys started off Season 4 of Game of Thrones so strong. She was freeing all of the slaves, she had a devoted following, and she had close friends to council her. She was making strong choices. But things quickly spiraled out of control. Daenerys was having a lot of trouble controlling her newly acquired territories and struggled with what it meant to be a good leader. Then she felt the ultimate betrayal when she learned that Jorah had been spying on her. Daenerys still has a lot to learn. Though she will be a huge character in Season 5, she will not gain the power she wanted at the end of Season 4.

3. Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion and Oberyn Before the 'Game of Thrones' Trial By Combat After a brutal trial by combat in which a confession meant Oberyn's death, fans of Tyrion Lannister are afraid their favorite character won't survive after 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 finale. But we wouldn't be so quick to assume Peter Dinklage's fate.

Tyrion’s definitely got it worst of all on this season of Game of Thrones. He has been sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. He gave an incredible speech demanding a trial by combat, but it was all for nothing. Prince Oberyn’s pride got in the way just as he was about to win for Tyrion, and now Tyrion’s supposed to be executed. Tyrion can’t die. But Jaime wants to help his brother. By revealing dark family secrets, he will likely help Tyrion get his revenge against his father once and for all. Tyrion will need to leave King's Landing. But if he lives things will get better for our favorite character in Season 5.

4. Arya Stark

Arya and the Hound on 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Arya has been stuck with the Hound throughout Season 4 of 'Game of Thrones'.

Nothing works out for poor Arya Stark and it doesn’t look like she’s anywhere closer to finding happiness. She was so close to being reunited with her family right before the Red Wedding and again right before her aunt died. Well, it looks like she’s still stuck with the Hound and his festering wound for now, and that is not where she wants to be. He is on her kill list after all. The Hound had wanted to sell Arya to aunt, but it looks like they are running out of options. We're hoping the tide will turn for Arya, too. But what will become of the Hound?

5. Cersei Lannister

Cersei on 'Game of Thrones' Cersei will get close to a fortune teller in Season 5.

Cersei’s on top of the world at the moment. She finally got rid of Tyrion just like she always wanted to. Cersei was convinced that Tyrion was the one to kill her son, and she would have done anything to make sure he paid. She wanted him punished for this, even though he didn’t actually do it. She had the most satisfied look on her face when she got just what she wanted when the Mountain killed Prince Oberyn. She has spent all of Season 4 scheming, but we predict this will all end badly for Tommen's mom. She's been too confident and has overestimated Jaime's loyalty to her. We see Cersei losing more control in Season 5.

6. Shae

Shae on 'Game of Thrones' After Tyrion broke Shae's heart by sending her away, she took revenge by testifying against him in his trial for Joffrey's murder. Will Tyrion ever forgive Shae for what she's done?

Shae came back with a vengeance during Tyrion’s trial. She spouted countless lies and testified that Tyrion killed the king. She may have done it because she was hurt and angry because Tyrion sent her away. But we have a feeling that someone found her and persuaded her to come forward. If the story goes down like it did in the book, Shae may very well be found in bed with Tywin — yet one more enormous betrayal. Shae has been making mistakes, allying herself with the wrong people. Though she never had much power, we believe the little she had is about to slip away all over again.

7. Bran Stark

Bran Stark on 'Game Of Thrones' Will Bran Stark find what he's looking for in Season 4 of 'Game of Thrones'?

Bran has had a long journey to get to the tree beyond the wall. But it looks like he’s actually going to make it. So was it worth it? This tree must be really important, if Bran and his group were so desperate to get to it. Bran even left Jon Snow behind so that he wouldn’t get in the way of Bran’s mission. Something huge is going to happen when Bran finds that tree and that three-eyed-raven. It’s going to be epic.

8. Stannis Baratheon

Stannis on 'Game of Thrones' Stannis Baratheon came to the rescue in the nick of time on the Season 4 finale of 'Game of Thrones', but it won't be easy going between Stannis and Jon Snow on Season 5 as Jon tries to reclaim his homeland and resettle the Wildlings.

Stannis, his family, and the Red Lady have started their journey. Many believe that he will show up at Castle Black in time to save the day during the rest of the battle between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings. He had talked about the Wall a few times, but will he have what it takes? If this turns out to be true, Stannis will gain a lot of power and confidence. This would definitely help his bid in the fight for the Iron Throne. While the Night’s Watch doesn’t take sides, they will surely be grateful for his help if they wind up winning the battle against the Wildlings because of him.

Who do you think will be the most powerful character at the end of Game of Thrones' Season 4? Let us know your take in the comments section below!