Hailee Steinfeld isn't just cool, she's extremely talented! Besides for being one of Taylor Swift's best friends, The Edge of Seventeen star is also an incredible actress and singer. Is there anything this girl can't do?

Steinfeld is currently best known for being in Swift’s famous squad. Swift, Steinfeld, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and more all keep in touch via WhatsApp. “We try to [speak a lot],” Steinfeld said. “It’s so crazy being all over the world at the same time and rarely being in the same place at the same time. But it’s so much fun to stay in contact and find each other along the way and all get caught up.”


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And when they’re all together “it does feel like a big reunion,” she said. They usually get together on the red carpet. Steinfeld explained that it’s nice to have famous friends that understand what you’re going through.

Of course, Steinfeld is also an incredibly talented actress. Steinfeld’s real breakout role was when she played Mattie Ross in True Grit in 2010. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress as well as a SAG Award and a BAFTA.


But her new movie The Edge of Seventeen has fans talking once again. As The New York Times notes, Steinfeld “manages a tricky balancing act, making Nadine simultaneously sympathetic and dislikable.” Steinfeld’s Nadine is an awkward high school junior who finds out that her best friend is dating the most popular boy in school: her older brother. She explained to Seventeen that she could relate to the role because she was bullied in school.

Hailee Steinfeld in The Edge Of Seventeen Hailee Steinfeld is getting a lot of buzz for 'The Edge of Seventeen.'

Steinfeld isn’t just a talented actress, though. She’s also an amazing singer and a gorgeous model.


 Here are five things to know about Hailee Steinfeld:

1. She’s BFFs With Taylor Swift

Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift are BFFs!

Steinfeld loves being a part of Swift’s squad even if they don’t get to see each other all that much. “I think people think we spend a lot more time together than we actually do!” Steinfeld said. “She’s amazing, though.” She also told BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw that it’s “nice to now have someone that understands and does the same thing that you’re doing.” She was even in “Bad Blood”

2. She’s A Singer

Hailee Steinfeld Singing Not only does she act, but Hailee Steinfeld also has a successful singing career (Photo: Splash News).

Not only is Steinfeld an Academy Award nominated actress, but she’s also a very successful singer. Steinfeld made her singing debut during Pitch Perfect 2. While filming, she got to play some of her songs for a representative from Republic Records and landed a record deal. Since then, she’s come out with songs like “Love Myself,” Rock Bottom” and “Starving.”

3. She’s A Model

Hailee Steinfeld Model Hailee Steinfeld is also a model (Photo: Splash News).

Is there anything Steinfeld can’t do? Not only can she sing and act, but she’s also a gorgeous model. Back in 2011, Steinfeld was hired to be the face of Miu Miu. She has modeled for the American Eagle “We all Can” campaign and more and also appeared on the cover of Seventeen and Marie Claire and has appeared in Interview, Teen Vogue and more.

4. She Was Bullied As A Child

Hailee Steinfeld Was Bullied Hailee Steinfeld was bullied as a child.

Steinfeld may be in the most famous squad now, but she was bullied as a child. She got prank calls every morning and would have to go into school the back way early every day. People would pour hand sanitizer on her books and in her water bottle and slam her locker shut. “It was just the most absurd things that you are supposed to see only in the movies,” she said.

5. She’s Already Thinking About the Future

Hailee Steinfeld's Future Hailee Steinfeld would like to produce and direct.

Sure, Steinfeld already acts, sings and models. She has so much on her plate already! But Steinfeld is already thinking about the future. While she’s a critically acclaimed actress, Steinfeld has said that she’d love to work behind the camera as well. Steinfeld has talked about wanting to get into producing and directing films in the future.

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