“Heartbreaker” is finally here! Well, a little spritz of it anyway. Justin Bieber has been teasing our hearts by dropping hints about his highly anticipated single for weeks (including posting a sexy picture with GF Selena Gomez). After a playful countdown for his newest fragrance, The Key, Bieber delivered his new sexy commercial for the perfume.

Bieber was apparently having computer issues when trying to get the promised preview out to his fans. “U know when u are trying to be all smooth & sexy & release something cool on a countdown & then your bus internet sucks...#buslifeproblemsBieber tweeted. “Everyone sit tight. We are gonna pull over and handle this for you. I need to give you all this gift. #TheKey #buslifeproblems

78743f6ee5af11e28a5c22000a1f8acf_7 Justin Bieber tweeted out this hot pic with Selena Gomez captioned "#heartbreaker" after his new single.

Not much has been known about Bieber’s new music, except what Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, has revealed sparingly. “For this project, we want to do things a little bit differently," Braun said. "And there are more songs than 10 or 12, so, if you have more music and you have more things you want to express, you gotta think out the box, and [think like] 'How do I get this out there in a unique way where it gets directly to my fans and I can express myself through music directly to them?'”

Bieber has been hinting about “Heartbreaker” on Twitter and Instagram, but he has refrained from releasing any music until now. Bieber is currently on his Believe tour through North America, so there is no word yet on when a new album may drop (or the entire single, for that matter).

Bieber’s new fragrance ad actually came out on the same day his now on-again GF Gomez started leaking her own songs from her upcoming album Stars Dance. The two are apparently giving it another go after reuniting on Fourth of July. "Selena had firmly resisted reuniting with Justin after their most recent breakup because he and his friends have been acting like raging self-entitled jackasses the last few months," TMZ reported. “But Justin, being the Casanova that he is, was able to change her mind ... and on July 4th, we're told he won her back by promising to change his douche ways. Apparently, Selena bought it."

Watch Justin Bieber’s new fragrance ad below and let us know your take!