Poor Iggy Azalea! The “Fancy” rapper took a scary fall off stage during a pre-MTV Video Music Awards concert. Video of the tumble is already going viral.

Iggy Azalea’s fall off stage took place at The Avalon Theater in Hollywood.  The rapper was one of the headliners (alongside Sam Smith) for Friday’s concert, which raised money for the charity Lifebeat  Music Fights HIV/AIDS.

Azalea was bringing the house down with “Fancy” when she failed to realize she was near the end of the stage. One wrong step was all it needed to send Iggy Azalea falling into the audience. Crew members quickly rushed to help her as the music kept playing in the background. But ever the trooper, Azalea jumped right back on stage and continued the song like nothing was wrong, much to the delight of the crowd.

Watch Iggy Azalea fall off stage at the pre-VMAs concert below.

Another video shows an even closer view of Iggy Azalea’s fall off stage. The below Instagram clip reveals that Azalea popped up right after her slip and even kept rapping while standing in the crowd.

Since Iggy Azalea seems okay, it is easy for both fans and detractors to laugh at the rising star. Twitter users trended the phrase “Poor Iggy” early Saturday morning as video of her stage fall went viral.

Others, however, were less kind in their “Poor Iggy” tweets, using Azalea’s stage fall as a chance to mock the rapper’s music and appearance.

At least Azalea is taking the mishap in stride. Hours after her on-stage fall, Iggy Azalea posted video of her tumble to Instagram alongside the caption, “Sorry but it would be a crime not to share this with you all, I know I laughed. #StillFinishedtheSongTho #KeptOnRapping #TheShowMustGoOn.”

Indeed, despite this early stumble, Iggy Azalea should have a big weekend at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. The rapper has seven nominations and is set to hit the stage with “Black Widow” duet partner Rita Ora.

“I heard the news about me leading the pack at the VMA nominations, and I definitely had to double- check a few times, because sometimes people on Twitter are evil and they make up fake accomplishments just to try to get you to retweet them,” Iggy Azalea said before her pre-VMAs fall off stage. “Obviously everyone wants a VMA. Other ones just don’t count the same; I want a VMA.”