Nick Viall treated Jade Roper's friend Liz Sandoz so badly during Week 2 of The Bachelor! But we were left with more questions after Corinne Olympios' shocking group date. Is Corinne too immature for Nick?

This week's The Bachelor began with Chris Harrison announcing there would be two group dates and a one-on-one date. He then left the women with the very first date card of the season. Corinne, Vanessa Grimaldi, Sarah Vendal, Alexis Waters, Hailey Merkt, Lacey Mark, Brittany Farrar, Jasmine Goode, Danielle Lombard, Taylor Nolan, Elizabeth Whitelaw, and Raven Gates went on the first group date at a wedding photo shoot.


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Each of the women on the group date had a different character like the “`80s bride,” the “shotgun bride,” and the “Adam and Eve” bride. And whoever had the best chemistry with Nick would get a surprise.

While the women were getting ready, Corinne started bragging about kissing Nick. And she thought she would be the hottest bride because she was in a bikini. But she got super jealous when she saw Brittany in a topless “Adam and Eve” outfit.


Finally it was time for the photo shoot. Each woman tried to prove she had the most chemistry with Nick. And many of them kissed him. Meanwhile, Corinne got more and more jealous. She especially hated watching Taylor kiss Nick.

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Back at the Bachelor mansion, the remaining women talked about how Corinne had already kissed Nick. Liz was still pretty confident since she had already hooked up with him. But she was worried everyone else had a connection too.

Then it was time for the “Adam and Eve” photos on The Bachelor. “I’m jealous,” Corinne said as Brittany posed with Nick. And Brittany’s pics were super sexy. Everyone clapped for them but Corinne.

When it was Corinne's turn, she wanted to “one up” Brittany. So they took photos in the pool. Corinne took off Nick’s top and then her own. She even told Nick to grab her boobs. The other women were shocked. “I didn’t go into this photo shoot with no clothes. I was actually daring enough to have clothes and take them off,” Corinne said.

And in the end Corinne won the photo competition! So she and Nick pretended to get married and drove away.


Nick and the women then moved on to the cocktail portion of the date on The Bachelor. And Corinne was the first to steal Nick. Of course, the other women got upset. Corinne told Nick that she wears her heart on her sleeve. And Nick loved how she takes initiative.

Still, Nick had to talk to the other girls too. Eventually, Raven met with Nick and revealed that her last boyfriend had cheated on her.

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Meanwhile, the next Bachelor date card showed up at the house. Danielle Maltby got the first one-on-one date of the season. And Liz was super jealous.

Back on the group date, things started to get tense between Corinne and the other women. Even though she already had time with Nick, Corinne interrupted his talk with Alexis. And the other contestants were pissed. “If you can’t handle being interrupted why did you come here? Why are you here? Get used to it,” Corinne replied.


Corinne showed up to steal Nick again during his time with Taylor. Taylor got upset and stole Nick right back. Corinne was pissed and said it was “very rude” to re-interrupt her.

Later, Corinne asked Taylor if she had a problem with anything. And they were both super passive aggressive to each other. It was like high school all over again. Corinne gave a whole speech that they were all going to be uncomfortable and they were all going to interrupt each other. So they had to be there for Nick and themselves.

In the end, despite the drama, Corinne got the group date rose. “I was just Corinne. Xoxo Gossip Girl,” she said.

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The next day, Corinne bragged to Lacey about her time with Nick. And Lacey started to worry about what Nick was looking for on The Bachelor.

Nick and Danielle M., meanwhile, were having a great time on their one-on-one date. They rode in a helicopter and then landed on a yacht. Nick felt very relaxed with Danielle M., especially because she was from his hometown.


At the same time, Liz decided she needed to share her secret on The Bachelor. She told Christen Whitney that she hooked up with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding. Liz wanted to talk to Nick so she could move forward. But Nick was busy hanging out in a hot tub with Danielle M.

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Nick and Danielle M. then moved on to the evening portion of their date. Danielle M. didn’t know much about Nick except for his time on BIP. So he told her about his experiences with Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe. He was heartbroken both times, but he knew that you need to be vulnerable and trusting if you’re in love.

Danielle M. then admitted she was engaged in the past. But her fiancé passed away from an overdose. She didn’t even know he was an addict. Danielle M. noted that guys usually end things with her once she tells them about that. Still, Nick gave Danielle M. the rose, and they went on a Ferris wheel.

Back at the house, the third and final Bachelor date card arrived. Christen, Liz, Josephine Tutman, Astrid Loch, Jaimi King, and Kristina Schulman got the second group date.


The women went to the Museum of Broken Relationships on The Bachelor. Nick even donated a relic from his past — a rose and the engagement ring he picked out for Kaitlyn.

Suddenly, they heard screaming and saw a couple breaking up. Of course, it was just actors. And the contestants similarly had to pretend to break up with Nick in front of the other visitors. So they went to look around the museum. Liz tried to talk to Nick, but he felt super awkward and was a little standoffish.

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The women did some hilarious, dramatic breakups with Nick on The Bachelor. Josephine even slapped Nick in the face.

Then it was Liz’s turn. She decided to clear the air while she had his attention. She wrote everything down and talked about what happened at Jade and Tanner's wedding. He drew her in, but she wasn’t ready to let him in. She wishes he had fought for her. It was super awkward and all the other women were really confused. Nick was speechless.

“Nick has said he wanted a woman who challenges him. Liz challenged him,” Christen said. Liz felt “zero validation,” though.

Then it was time for the evening portion of the date on The Bachelor. But Nick felt like he was living a “nightmare” because of Liz. He was worried Liz told the contestants about their history. So he couldn’t concentrate on the other women — including Jaimi, who admitted she’d dated a girl in the past.


Christen then admitted to Nick that Liz told her about the hookup. So Nick pulled Liz aside on The Bachelor. He said Liz had every opportunity to contact him before the show. So he wondered if she was just there to be on TV.

Nick told Liz that Christen told him what she said. Nick was pleasantly surprised when Liz showed up on the show because they had fun together, but it raised questions. He hadn’t heard from her since the wedding. They had mutual friends, so it was easy for her to get his number.

“I didn’t really know you,” Liz replied. She added that she knew he was shooting BIP, and she doesn’t like phone conversations. But Nick didn’t think she was making any sense. 

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Turns out, though, there’s more to Nick and Liz’s story than we thought. According to Jade, Liz did try to reconnect with Nick by inviting him to a charity event.

“She was like, ‘Why don’t you invite Nick? I kind of would like to see him again,” Jade told Us before Monday's episode. “And I was like, ‘OK!’ So I sent him a text, and he was like, ‘You know what, I have some things in the works,’ which was the show. He was like, ‘I don’t know if I can make it,’ and he couldn’t. So she had tried to kind of reach out, in a passive way.” Jade then encouraged Liz to go on the show and gave her advice.

But Nick had other relationships to think about on The Bachelor. And his conversations with Liz gave him the clarity he was looking for. So he eliminated Liz.

Now Nick had to tell the other women what happened. He was scared they would accuse him of lying to them. The episode ended with Nick revealing that he sent Liz home, and that he had slept with her at Jade and Tanner's wedding.

Even after Liz's awkward experience with Nick, Jade continued to stand by her friend. Towards the end of the episode, Jade tweeted, "If you all have mean things to say, don't tweet them to me. She's still my best friend and the closest thing I have to a sister."


Here are the most shocking moments from this week's Bachelor.

1. Corinne Olympios Took Her Top Off

Corinne Olympios got super jealous of the other women during the wedding photo shoot this week on The Bachelor. So she decided to take some initiative. She took her top off and had Nick hold her boobs. Now Corinne is facing accusations that she’s too immature for Nick and isn’t the type of woman he’d want to marry. But he gave her the group date rose.

2. Corinne Olympios And Taylor Nolan Faced Off

The group date only got worse from there, though. Corinne made it clear she’s not on The Bachelor to make friends. She was only there for Nick and herself. So she kept interrupting other women's time with The Bachelor. But when she interrupted Taylor Nolan, Taylor stole Nick right back. The women then had a very passive aggressive conversation.

3. Danielle Maltby Shared Her Past

Danielle Maltby had the first one-on-one date with Nick on Season 21 of The Bachelor. They had a great time hanging out on a yacht. And that evening, Nick opened up about his TV past. That made Danielle comfortable enough to discuss her relationship history. She revealed that she was once engaged, but her fiancé died of a drug overdose.

4. Liz Sandoz Revealed Her History With Nick Viall

Liz decided she had to tell someone about her past relationship with Nick. So she spilled the beans to Christen. Liz then laid it all out there during her fake breakup on the group date. Nick was super uncomfortable, and the other women were really confused. Liz wanted to clear the air with Nick, but he kept avoiding her.

5. Liz Sandoz Was Eliminated

Ultimately, Nick decided to eliminate Liz during the group date on The Bachelor. He felt they ended things after they hooked up, and Liz could have reached out to him before the show if she wanted to. Now Nick has to tell all the other women about what happened with Liz. And he’s worried they’ll think he lied to them.

Do you think Nick Viall was right to eliminate Liz Sandoz? Let us know your take in the comments section below!