Were Jaebum's comments to Youngjae  on Celebrity Bromance homophobic? The K-pop star has come under fire after the second episode of the web series.

As part of a segment on the Korea web series, Youngjae took Jaebum to a café that is mostly for couples. And according to translations, Jaebum said, "This place is not for two boys."

Youngjae then replied, "I wanted to come here with you." And Jaebum said in response, "Don't say that. I might beat you up."

Watch Youngjae and Jaebum on Episode 2 of Celebrity Bromance.

Now many Got7 fans are accusing Jaebum of making homophobic statements. "Jaebum needs to apologize ASAP," tweeted @obeytuan. "He needs to educate himself . Even if he doesn't support it he shouldn't say things so openly."

@Shannon_Howes24 added, "What jaebum said was wrong and knowing that some of his fans are LGBT, imagine how that must make them feel, their is no excuse for that."

And @vmacity wrote, "Not only jaebum is denying people's rights by saying 'this place is not for two boys' but he also brought up violence, i am disgusted."

Others, however, are defending Jaebum's statements. These supporters insist he was just joking, and that he was just uncomfortable going to a "couples café" with a friend.

But Jaebum is not the only one being criticized Youngjae has also come under fire for saying, "You should think of yourself as a girl and cook for me." Many are slamming this joke as sexist.

"Nobody's trynna take away from what jaebum did but youngjae needs to be called out too tf," tweeted @wangsmami. And @gotsevenrise added, "What jaebum said was wrong. what youngjae said was wrong. don't ignore one comment for another both comments are disgusting."

@Aceofpjy also wrote, "Jaebum saying he would beat up youngjae for being gay and youngjaetelling jaebum to be a woman and cook...so.. this is why they're friends."

Others, however, insist that YoungJae's comments were taken out of context. "How can Youngjae be sexist?" tweeted morningpassages. "He said Jaebum that he needs to cook for his future girlfriend so he obviously doesn't think only women cook?"

Did you think Jaebum's comments were homophobic? Let us know your take in the comments section below!