Will James Franco win an Oscar? After beating out Daniel Kaluuya, Steve Carell, Ansel Elgort, and Hugh Jackman for Best Actor in a Comedy, Franco is primed for a huge 2018!

Franco adorably brought his brother and co-star Dave Franco on stage with him. He also invited the man he played in The Disaster Artist, The Room director Tommy Wiseau, to accept the award with him. 

The move almost backfired when Wiseau grabbed the microphone, but James Franco quickly took it back. Then he channeled Wiseau while telling the story of how the director was inspired to make The Room while stuck in Golden Globes traffic. Franco also had some sweet shoutouts for the other nominees and his BFF Seth Rogen.


Heading into the Globes, Franco was the favorite to take home the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Comedy or Musical. Franco was hilarious in The Disaster Artist, a film he also produced and directed. Franco even stayed in character as Wiseau while directing the other cast members.

"This is probably the only time in my whole career I'll be directing a movie, and acting in it, playing a guy that's directing a movie that he's acting in," Franco told W Magazine. "It was so much easier to just simplify everything, and be one dude throughout. And I think it helped the vibe on the set. It was like, 'These actors were playing actors in his movie,' and to be Tommy, I think, just created an atmosphere.

Watch James Franco in The Disaster Artist trailer.

Still, others had been pulling for Kaluuya, the star of Get Out, to take home the Golden Globe. While Get Out was an odd inclusion in the comedy category, some thought the Hollywood Foreign Press would give Kaluuya an award to show their appreciation for the social thriller. Even though Kaluuya is British, Get Out director Jordan Peele thought the star fully understood the film’s larger message about race relations in America.


"He put to bed my fears of any cultural rift in regards to race relations," Peele told The New York Times. "He really GOT the script in ways many didn’t. The risk excited him, where it made other American actors nervous."

Watch Daniel Kaluuya in the Get Out trailer.

Then there were some who thought the beloved Hugh Jackman could pull off the upset win. Jackman played circus founder P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman.


The other two nominees in this category had been considered long shot. Steve Carell, played Bobby Riggs, the male tennis star who lost to Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes. And Elgort played a young getaway driver in the critically acclaimed Baby Driver.

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