Jennifer Aniston has one of Hollywood’s hottest bodies despite the fact that she’s 44-years-old. And although the actress has often credited her washboard abs and perfectly toned legs to yoga, her workout secrets have remained a mystery – until now.

Aniston’s friend and yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, is dishing on the yoga moves that have given her client her flawless physique, while detailing her 28-day “Yogalosophy” program. “It’s yoga paired with toning exercises, so people who were bored with yoga might try it, or people that were really into yoga might get a little extra workout,” Ingber said of the workout regimen.

Jennifer Aniston Favorite Yoga Poses Jennifer Aniston's favorite yoga position is the tree pose, which instructor Ingber said she's a pro at. The tree pose strengthens the legs, which probably explains Jen's impeccably toned stems.

Ingber revealed that Aniston uses the yoga exercises at least three times a week, “a good baseline for anything that you’re wanting to do regularly,” the instructor explained. The yogi to the stars said that Aniston’s favorite position is the tree pose, which stretches the entire body and shapes the legs.

“She’s really good at it,” Ingber said of Aniston’s go-to yoga pose. “It’s the ability to find your sense of focus in the middle of a lot that’s going on. It runs right through the center of the body,” the yoga instructor said.

“The thing about yoga is that once you start, developing that mindfulness and that sense of connection to your body, you just want to make healthier choices,” Ingber said of the advantages of incorporating a zen routine. “It’s a positive message of loving your body into shape instead of beating youself up.”

Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Routine Revealed Jennifer Aniston used "yogalosophy" to get into tip-top shape for her stripper role in 'We're the Millers.' Ingber said Jen combined yoga training with cardio and other tools to sculpt her body for the camera.

Aniston used Ingber’s “Yogalosophy” program in order to get into tip-top shape to play a stripper in her upcoming film We’re the Millers. In clips from the film, Aniston’s enviable abs are on full display while she’s dressed in nothing but a lacy bra and boyshorts.

Ingber said “cardio as well as other modalities, daily playlists, recipes [and] journal questions,” were also incorporated during Aniston’s pre-movie prep, stressing that heart-pumping excerises are crucial to nabbing the actress’ svelte shape.

Aniston's intructor revealed the five key fitness objects when trying out the “Yogalosophy” program: love your body, set short-term goals, make healthy choices, visualize your best and give and receive support.