Jennifer Hudson is already on Santa’s good list for 2014! The 32-year-old American Idol winner shocked her assistant Walter Williams, with an amazing Christmas gift this year: a house!

No, not a doll house. Or an inflatable house. A real home!

Luckily for us, the sultry star caught her beloved assistant's reaction on camera. "My assistant Walter's reaction when he found out I was buying him a house for Christmas!" the singer wrote in the video caption on Instagram.

In the clip, we can see Williams' raw reaction when he drops the paperwork to the ground screaming. Hudson jumps back startled by her assistant’s reply to the generous gift. He then runs up to the red carpet star hugging her enthusiastically and in disbelief over what his childhood friend has done.

"Walter and I have been friends since sixth grade," Hudson told The Advocate in 2011. "He's by far my closest friend." The two met when they were students at Yale Elementary and have been close every since.

While we can’t help but clutch our hearts over this sentimental story — we have to say, doesn’t it sound a bit familiar?

Remember when Hudson appeared alongside Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City as her beloved assistant, Louise from St. Louis? Louise loved purses but couldn’t afford the designer brands she coveted. So on Christmas day Carrie decided to get her assistant Louise her very own Louis Vuitton bag.

Are you surprised Hudson bought her assistant a house? Let us know your take on the amazing Christmas gift!