Jennifer Lawrence has a few dirty little secrets up her sleeve! When the 23-year-old starlet made an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show to promote her newest flick American Hustle on Dec. 18, the conversation took a surprising turn from cinema to sex toys after Lawrence confessed her real career of choice — you know, if she wasn’t an Oscar-winning actress.

“I recently changed [my answer]. It used to be 'doctor,' but that’s just unrealistic,” the pixie- haired darling said of what she’d be doing if she wasn’t acting. “I would be a hotel maid, because it’s all of my favorite cleaning — I don’t like dishes or the kitchen. But I love beds and bathrooms and spraying and going through everybody’s stuff. Like everyday there are new people to snoop on. It would be my dream!”

Conan asked the red carpet star if she’d ever been the victim of a snooping maid. “Yes,” Lawrence answered, starting to giggle. "This is actually really funny. Somebody as a joke bought me a bunch of butt plugs. It's a long story," Lawrence said nonchalantly as our eyes widened. "I had a copious amount of butt plugs —  tons of butt plugs — all different kinds of colors. And the maid was coming so I was like, ‘well I'll just shove this under the bed so she doesn't see all these butt plugs.' She might not know they're for a joke."

Come on, Lawrence. Did you really think an A-lister’s maid wouldn’t check under the bed?

"Then I came back and all of them were brought out of the bed and were in this beautiful display on my bedside table," Lawrence laughed. "I think she knew what she was doing. They were under the bed. I wanted to leave a note like, ‘not mine' or ‘bought as joke.'"

Whatever you say, JLaw. Are you surprised that even America’s sweetheart has a dark side? Let us know your take on the Hunger Games actress' funniest interview to date!