Jenny McCarthy may soon be asked to take her views elsewhere. The View has been experiencing slightly lower ratings and reviews since the former Playboy model joined the show last month, and those numbers can all be attributed to her arrival. Producers for The View are scrambling to address the hot-topic issue, but it’s likely that McCarthy could be fired by the end of the year unless the show’s ratings change.

A source revealed to Radar Online that ABC has begun doing investigative research into McCarthy’s performance on The View and reviews show that “viewers want to tune out the second she opens her mouth! The data has revealed that she is FAR more off-putting than Elisabeth [Hasselbeck].”

Jenny McCarthy Will the lower ratings and reviews lead to Jenny McCarthy being fired?

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It’s unclear whether her deal is for one year or two, but that will have no effect on whether McCarthy can be fired. “If Barbara wants her out, they will buy out her contract,” the source said. “She is obsessed with ratings and the longevity of the show, so Jenny needs to turn it around or she will be gone.”

The View is not reviewing possible replacements at the moment, instead choosing to work with McCarthy on altering her screen presence in order to be more likeable. Unfortunately, the former Playmate’s biggest problem is her controversial view that childhood vaccinations cause autism. Her opinions on the subject have enraged the autism community and made her unlikeable to many, but McCarthy seems unwilling to alter her stance.

Jenny McCarthy Producers for the show are now working with McCarthy to try and make her presence more appealing to viewers

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“Her views aren't just controversial. They're medically unfounded and potentially dangerous if they persuade parents to not get their kids vaccinated and those kids become seriously ill,” one message board user wrote. “Opinionated is one thing. Spreading misinformation as the truth is quite something else.”

McCarthy replaced Hasselbeck on The View after the controversial conservative announced last summer that she was leaving to join Fox & Friends. The former Playmate had been a guest co-host numerous times before, but the announcement that she was joining the show caused widespread criticism among parents, who felt her views on vaccinations could be damaging. However, McCarthy has remained quiet on the subject since joining the show and producers have made a conscious effort to not bring it up during hot-topic discussions.