Jeremy Meeks' wife is filing for divorce a week after photos showed the "hot mugshot guy" kissing heiress Chloe Green. Melissa Meeks spoke to The Daily Mail on Saturday and made it clear her marriage is over.

She didn't clarify if she would seek full custody of their son, Jeremy Jr., 7. She did call Jeremy a "good dad" during the interview. But with his past arrest and recent affair, Jeremy Meeks may not be viewed by the courts as an ideal candidate for joint custody.

Melissa has two more children from previous relationships. Jeremy seems to be close with Melissa's son, Robert, 11. It's unclear, though, if he would want visitation or joint custody of Robert. "The worst thing about all of this is the children," she said. "They adore their daddy."

Jeremy Meeks Sons Just days after he was caught cheating on his wife, Jeremy Meeks spent Fourth of July with his son Jeremy Jr. and stepson Robert.

Melissa Meeks told The Mail that she thought her husband was on a business trip in Turkey when he was spending time with Chloe Green. Melissa was shocked when she saw photos of her husband and Green together.

"The first I learned of it was when I woke up and checked my phone," Melissa Meeks said. "Some random person I don't know sent a direct message with the photograph of my husband kissing that woman. I went into shock. I felt nauseated. It was like a bomb had gone off and my whole world had been blown apart. I'd never heard of Chloe Green. I thought Jeremy was working."

When Jeremy's wife saw the pictures she tried to contact her husband. She couldn't get a hold of him, and he later claimed his phone wasn't working on his trip. But that didn't stop him from posting several social media photos documenting his vacation.

Jeremy Meeks returned to America a few days later, and he even spent Independence Day with Jeremy Jr. and Melissa's son Robert. (She also has a teenage daughter from another relationship). Melissa Meeks explained that despite her husband's behavior, she wanted her kids to see their father.

"I didn’t want my pain and anger to hurt the children," she added. "I am very hurt and angry but those children love their daddy. He’d been away and they missed him."

Jeremy Meeks Mugshot Jeremy Meeks' sexy 2014 mugshot went viral.

Jeremy Meeks was then spotted returning home on Wednesday, where he got into a fight with Melissa Meeks. "We had it out on the doorstep," Melissa Meeks explained. "I told him how devastated and angry I am. He kept apologizing – not for the affair, but for the way I learned about it. I feel humiliated, not just because my husband was caught with another woman but for the fact they were so brazen about it."

But Jeremy Meeks' apology wasn't enough. Melissa says she and her husband were having problems but were trying to work through them. His affair was the last straw.

"He told me, 'I didn’t mean it to happen like this,'" she continued. "Those pictures will haunt me forever. He kept saying, 'I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve this.' We talked about divorce. I told him I didn’t think the marriage could be saved. He agreed. The marriage is over." 

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