The ongoing feud between between Joan Rivers and the Lohan clan shows no signs of slowing down. Rivers has bashed Lindsay in her comedy act and on Fashion Police for years, and the comic recently tweeted a zinger about Dina’s drunk driving arrest last week. But it seems that father Michael Lohan has had enough, bashing the comedian himself and accusing her of both drug use and plastic surgery addiction. The vicious claims could potentially lead to a lawsuit by Rivers.

Rivers took to her Twitter page yesterday and wrote: “Dina Lohan was charged with a DUI in New York last week. Has anyone in that family been photographed when it wasn’t a mugshot?” Last month, the comedian insulted Lindsay by claiming an actress appearing on Fashion Police “looked hotter than tin foil on Lindsay Lohan’s counter.” Rivers also slammed Lohan’s outrage over jokes at Lindsay's expense, declaring that “it’s a little late to become a concerned parent.”

Joan Rivers Joan Rivers had previously threatened to sue if Michael Lohan did not stop making accusations of her being addicted to plastic surgery

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Meanwhile, Lohan took to Twitter and launched a series of vicious comments directed at the comedian. “Her family photos look like they are out of a mortuary. Either she has a mortician on retainer or she is getting her formaldehyde by smoking PCP,” he tweeted. “At her rate, she won’t need any embalming fluid when her time comes because she has more in her than most mortuaries have in inventory. What’s the matter Joan? You can pick on everyone else and make fun of them but people can’t do it with you? At least what I say has some validity and truth in it.”

It remains to be seen if Rivers will file a defamation lawsuit in response to Lohan's accusations of drug use and plastic surgery addiction. Last month, he accused Rivers of being addicted to needles. She said afterwards that "it's absolutely not true and if he says it again, I'll sue."

Michael Lohan Michael Lohan said he has had enough of the Fashion Police star making fun of his family

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This is hardly the first time the comedian has gotten into trouble for Twitter attacks on celebrities, though. She feuded with Rihanna last year after the singer declared she was still in love with Chris Brown, leading Rivers to tweet: "Now it's MY turn to slap her!" Rihanna replied back to Rivers directly and wrote, "@Joan_Rivers wow u really do get slow when you're old huh?" The comedian ended the exchange by inviting Rihanna to appear on Fashion Police, but RiRi has yet to take her up on the offer.

Last February, Rivers found herself in hot water for a holocaust joke she made on Fashion Police in reference to Heidi Klum. Rivers, who is Jewish herself, commented on a photo of Klum by saying: "The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens." Despite backlash over her remarks, Rivers refused to apologize for the joke.