Joe Manganiello isn’t just hot — like really hot — he's charitable, as well. The True Blood star took a break from his latest project to support Diana Nyad as she swims 48 hours for "Swim for Relief” (sponsored by Duracell) to support Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. While he was in NYC, Hollywood Take chatted with werewolf Alcide Herveaux about why the cause is close to his heart. 

“I’m a big supporter of the military and police officers. And, of course, they were a lot of first responders [helping out during the hurricane],” Manganiello told HT.

Manganiello is currently starring in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Yale Repertory Theater, but is already thinking about the end of True Blood after seven seasons. “I mean I knew it was going to happen for a long time,” Manganiello said. “On our side, we knew the show was built for seven seasons. We knew it was coming to an end — and where the storylines were going.”

“But, it’s sad,” Manganiello said. “It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to everybody, including saying goodbye to the characters and the writers. But it’s also exciting, on the other hand, because there’s a whole world out there after the show."

Manganiello Joe Manganiello lent his support and some scruff to Swim for Relief in NYC.

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Part of the whole new world is theater, although Manganiello has been doing live performances for most of his life. “I have a degree in classical theater. So I don’t think this will be the last play I’ll ever do,” Manganiello said about the idea of coming to Broadway after ending True Blood. “So we’ll see. “

When the previous season of the hit HBO show ended, Manganiello’s werewolf, Alcide, was romancing Sookie (Anna Paquin). So does he think they’ll stay together? Not so fast. “I don’t know, man!” the Magic Mike actor laughed. “The show is always about vampires. Its called True Blood, not true fur.” Touché!