Johnny Depp has moved on from Vanessa Paradis with new girlfriend Amber Heard. But the Lone Ranger actor said he still hopes to work with his ex in the future, explaining that they remain close despite their highly publicized split.

“Vanessa is a good mother and a wonderful woman,” Depp told British paper The Sun. “There really are no hard feelings between us. We have remained very close,” he added. Depp’s revelation came as quite a surprise, considering his previous admission that “the last couple of years have been a bit bumpy.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Amber Heard has been joining Johnny Depp and at times his two children overseas while he promotes his new film Lone Ranger, fueling rumors that the relationship is more serious than ever before.

Depp and Paradis were together for 14 years and share 13-year-old daughter Lily-Rose and 11-year-old son Jack. Having children, the actor confessed, solidified his bond with Paradis. “Relationships are very difficult, but the kids are great. When you have children, there is no room for lies, no room for anything but the truth. Anything other than that is a bad example, I believe,” Depp said.

After splitting from Paradis, Depp quickly moved on with his Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard. The 27-year-old may have reason to be concerned about her newfound relationship, however, given her beau’s potential plans to share the screen with his ex. “I hope to maybe be able to make a film with [Paradis] one day,” Depp said. “Why not?” Depp is currently preoccupied with his latest film, which he is promoting internationally.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Vanessa Paradis warned Johnny Depp not to propose to girlfriend Amber Heard who he began dating after they split because she doesn't think the relationship will last.

Depp has been joined by Heard, and even his two children, during the press circuits, fueling rumors that his relationship with his former co-star is getting more serious. There is speculation that Depp may be aiming to propose to Heard after turning 50 in June, but his ex, Paradis, has apparently warned him against it. “Vanessa doesn’t care for Amber at all,” a source said. “She’s convinced that Amber’s trying to get her hooks into Johnny and his money by getting him to propose.”

“Vanessa thinks he’s smitten because Amber’s so exotic and says he’ll grow tired of her,” the source added. “But Vanessa doesn’t think it’s going to last, and that’s why she’s against Johnny marrying Amber. She thinks their kids will be crushed when the relationship goes south,” the insider revealed. While Depp and Heard certainly seem to be reveling in their romance, it remains to be seen if Hollywood’s most notorious loner will ask his Rum Diary co-star to be Mrs. Depp.