Jon Gosselin has had a hard time readjusting to life outside of reality TV. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is now broke, waiting tables and living in the woods in rural Pennsylvania. Gosselin is currently working as a waiter at a restaurant in Beckersville, Pa. called Black Dog. His modest salary has also left him unable to pay any type of child support to his ex-wife, Kate.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Gosselin said he was unsure about waiting tables at first, but said that his reality TV fame made it almost “impossible” to find a new job for years. "At first I was nervous because I was like, 'How are people going to react?'" he said. "But then I'm thinking, 'Well it's fun and I get to talk to people.' And they technically already know me … they're like 'Are you the guy?' I'm like 'Yeah, I'm the guy.'"

Jon Gosselin Jon Gosselin is now living in the woods without internet access or an actual address

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Gosselin also said that he no longer speaks to Kate and that they only communicate about their children via text message and e-mail. The pair have attempted to maintain a civil relationship since their divorce in 2009, but Kate’s recent plans to sue Gosselin over allegedly breaking into her computer to obtain information for a tell-all book seem to have killed any chance of that.

“I don’t have a relationship with Kate. There is no relationship,” Gosselin said. He added that when he comes to pick up his sons and daughters during his turn for custody, "the nanny comes out and I exchange the kids at her gate or at the bus stop. I don't physically see her."

Jon and Kate Gosselin Jon Gosselin also revealed that he no longer verbally communicates with his ex-wife.

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Jon Gosselin also admitted that his current situation does not enable him to pay any type of child support to Kate. Despite this, he insisted that he still helps out financially. “She takes care of school and all that stuff, but I take care of the exact same things she takes care of," he said. "I buy their own groceries. They have their own groceries at my house, their own bedrooms, their own stuff. It's doubled."

While the former TLC star seems content to live life away from the cameras, Kate has been desperate to resume her reality show career. She has shopped around show ideas to every major network, but has been turned down by them all. The only show Kate has appeared on so far this year is an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.