Justin Bieber reportedly got kicked out of his Argentinian hotel room this weekend, but it wasn’t even the 19-year-old singer’s fault! Despite his recent wild child reputation, Bieber was reportedly served his hotel walking papers because his Beliebers got too rowdy!

TMZ reported that Hotel Faena had enough of Bieber after his fans allegedly destroyed hotel property throughout the week that Bieber was performing in Buenos Aires. Bieber’s people were trying to find another place for the “Bad Day” singer to stay, but several hotels reportedly turned him due to his fans' disrespectful behavior.

Bieber tweeted to his fans after the report came out writing, “to all my fans at the hotel. thank u. i love u. but please calm down and respect the police. we dont want anyone gettting hurt.”

“im at the stadium now. come here. Argentina it is about to be a great night. te amo. #BelieveTour Argentina Day 2”

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“Argentina is crazy. i love it” Bieber wrote. Although Bieber was happy to perform for his fans, the pop star’s day took a turn for the worse when he announced that he had food poisoning. “Last night was an incredible show. 60,000 strong. te amo. not feeling so great. gonna get some rest. Thanks,” Bieber tweeted.

“Sitting here with food poisoning and heard we won #bestmale at the #EMAs. Thanks everyone.” Bieber was referring to the MTV EMAs where the “Baby” crooner won for Best Male at the award show. Bieber was up against heavy hitters Jay Z, Eminem, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. “Argentina been a rough day but the show must go on. I'm coming,” Bieber added.

“This sucks. #sick food poisoning” Bieber’s friend Alfredo Flores also tweeted “Going against doctors orders he still went on stage tonight. The last thing Justin ever wants to do is let his fans down.”

Despite Bieber’s unfortunate illness, Selena Gomez’s ex managed to release his new Music Monday song, “All Bad,” at midnight when it went straight to the top of the iTunes chart. We hope the Biebs feels better really soon! Bieber’s next tour stop is in Chile.