Justin Bieber lived out his latest song, “Bad Day,” while on tour in Brazil. The “Baby” singer was seen storming off stage after getting hit with a water bottle, dropping his microphone in the process.

In the concert video, a flying object hits Bieber causing the 19-year-old to drop his mic. According to a report, Bieber was so angry or confused that he didn’t come back onstage to sing his last song “Baby.” According to The Telegraph, “Teenage fans sat waiting for him to return for 30 minutes, but left disappointed when his entourage started packing the equipment away.”

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A journalist for a Brazilian website told the paper: "The scene was so shocking that even his dancers couldn't believe what they had seen. The fans didn't know what was going on and stayed in their seats half an hour, hoping that he would come back to finish the show.”

"The public called for him, sang ‘Baby,’ and yet nothing. The lights came on, Bieber's team started to take the equipment away and the fans realized it wasn't going to happen. In the end there was no farewell, no thanks and no rendition of his most famous song."

Bieber didn’t acknowledge the night’s events on his Twitter account, but did tweet to his followers his thanks for the Brazil shows. “we had a good time tonight. brazil goes hard.”

“u all were loud tonight. thanks for the love. it's all love. all the time. Obrigado Brazil! On to the next one. #BelieveTour again tomorrow” Bieber wrote after Saturday’s show. After the crazy concert antics, Bieber released his latest song, “Bad Day,” as part of his Music Monday’s movement. “This #Musicmondays is from the heart I need u to #pushit. #badday.” Bieber tweeted. Selena Gomez’s ex also went into detail about what the song means to him.

“There are times in relationships where things aren’t going well, where you know something isn’t right. But when you’re in love, you feel like no matter what, you’ll make it work,” Bieber wrote. “Until the day comes where the other person doesn’t feel the same way and walks out. That day- the day where everything you were willing to fight for is gone- is what Bad Day is all about. – JB.”

Tough subject for Bieber! Bieber’s next tour stop is in Paraguay.