The Yeezus tour for Kanye West isn’t exactly going as planned. His show last night in Kansas City, Mo., sold just 4,500 tickets out of 19,000 seats, while the terrible sales have been continuing in other cities throughout the country. Many are now speculating that his recent awful behavior, which has included radio rants and feuds with everyone ranging from Barack Obama to the VP of Louis Vuitton, is ultimately hurting West in his wallet.

This hardly the first report of terrible ticket sales for the Yeezus tour, though. West began using a promotional sweepstakes last October for his NYC concerts, but a source said he was forced to “because his NYC shows are not sold out. Kanye’s shows in his hometown of Chicago are not selling out either. Compare this to Jay Z, who sells out his concerts in seconds or minutes.”

Kanye West Kanye West's bad behavior may also be affecting his ticket sales.

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During an extended rant at the Kansas City show, West acknowledged that he doesn’t “always say the right things at the right time. I’m better at saying the wrong things at the wrong time.” However, the Kansas City Star review of the show slammed the rapper by declaring that he “almost certainly could have filled the Sprint Center five years ago.”

Kanye West The second part of 2013 has been flattering to Kanye in the headline department.

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It’s just the latest in a series of issues for West during his tour. Last week, he walked off the stage during a show in Tampa and berated a sound tech while on the stage. After demanding that the music be halted after just three songs, West ordered the stage lights in the Tampa stadium to be turned off “now” as he berated a tech named Laura for failing to give him the “deep voice” effect. He also complained about his image on a massive LED screen, declaring it should be in monochrome and not color. He returned to the stage after composing himself for a few minutes, but ignited further controversy by comparing himself to Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs.

The rapper also canceled two shows in the Canadian city of Vancouver, one of which was a rescheduling for the previous missed date. West’s record label said the second concert cancellation was due to a traffic accident involving a tour truck. The truck was carrying a custom-made video truss and 60-foot circular LED screen that were damaged “beyond repair” in the accident. The first show was postponed when a truck fill of equipment was stolen while he and his entourage were getting ready to leave Seattle. Other concerts were rescheduled in Anaheim, Minneapolis and Detroit.